Punisher: Body Count Episode 117

Merry Christmas! We had to cut back some planned special content due to scheduling issues, but it’s still got plenty of Christmas cheer. An X-Mas miracle even occurs during the post-credits gifting segment, which may be my favorite 2018 moment.

Introduction – Jake talks about his snarky daughter and I discuss the trials and tribulations of being a t-shirt mogul.

[9:20 ] News – We give a eulogy for Stan Lee and the Marvel Netflix shows.

[24:25] Mail Call –  We get into a power-level fight on how to make Cosmic Ghost Rider stronger and then question what the cut-off age is for being murdered by Frank.

[36:18] Bullet Points –  We finish up discussing future Eisner award contender Cosmic Ghost Rider #5. We continue the good times with Punisher #4, with a Jigsaw appearance that we don’t hate.

[57:05] Flashbacks – We make good on last episode’s promise and get to the first arc of Matt Fraction’s Punisher: War Journal, including #1-3. This was a Civil War tie-in, and was a “re-introduction” of Frank back to the mainline Marvel comics.

[1:56:03] Discharge Papers – Jake and I can’t believe how good Creed 2 is, and then we get into some anime nostalgia. Here’s the Youtube channel I recommended: Overly Sarcastic Productions.

Send us your Punisher questions or comments at punisherbodycount@gmail.com

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Our gift to you.

Hey everyone, just wanted to say we are finally on Spotify.

Also here is that link I was talking about so happy holidays!

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Punisher: Body Count Episode 116

PBC 116 banner

Today is my birthday, and I’m celebrating it by finally getting this cursed episode out of my life.

Introduction – Jake and his office goes all out for Halloween, and I edge ever closer to hipsterdom with my new hobby. Halloween hijinks ensue with my family as well.

[21:30] News – Jake and I are now NPR thought leaders! We also clarify the Rosenberg signed comic contest winner, and then we talk about the Netflix Marvel cancellations. We also explain what’s coming up in the remainder of our year’s podcasting schedule.

[41:55] Mail Call – We get FrankenCastle questions and some fun crossover fight questions.

[1:03:17] Bullet Points – Cosmic Ghost Rider #4 continues to surprise us with its delightful tonal shifts. We then get caught up on Punisher #2-3, where Frank is just an asshole to everybody and Daredevil settles in to being a tired housewife. We also read What If Spider-Man Became the Punisher? and the answer is that his life turns out pretty great.

[1:35:15] Flashbacks – It finally happened. We covered the first six issues of FrankenCastle. The nightmare is finally over.

[2:00:11] Discharge Papers – We go full weeaboo in this segment. Jake recommends High Rise Invasion and I recommend Goblin Slayer. 

Send us your Punisher questions or comments at punisherbodycount@gmail.com

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Punisher Body Count: Episode 115

It’s the Ken Kristensen intervi222223752c45ec144dd07781ccf8dfcc_400x400ew we talked about a month ago! We had some technical difficulties with the Halloween episode, but it is coming out, rest assured. However, it wasn’t fair to delay the interview with Ken any longer, so Jake and I decided to release it on its own.

Ken has had a fascinating career in comics, TV, and film, and he turned out to have some fascinating stories for us. He is a staff writer on the Punisher TV series and personally wrote the “Virtue of the Vicious” episode, which was one of our favorites of season one.

He is also behind a wide variety of indy comics such as Todd: The Ugliest Kid on Earth and his most recent work, OBLIV18N. Please check out his work!

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Punisher: Body Count Episode 114

Here’s a fun drinking game: Take a shot every time Jake and I say “SJW.” Enjoy not going to work tomorrow if you do! Also, we did interview Ken Kristensen, and that will come out in a bonus episode.

Introduction – Jake won his Fitbit Challenge! And participated in a public shooting drill. Meanwhile, I traveled to Brooklyn with a friend and almost committed assault on a podcast host. Also, Jake and I bring up my comedy album The Paul Peron Tapes. Follow that link for some free tracks or check out the iTunes and Google Play stores to download them. I appreciate it.

[49:55] News – Jon Bernthal does some John Wick-style gun training, and I talk about upcoming release dates for your favorite Netflix shows and that one Infinity Warp comic.

[1:17:50] Mail Call – We get some good questions about Punisher continuity and new possible criminal targets.

[1:36:45] Bullet Points – We continue the mad house that is  Cosmic Ghost Rider #3. We read Punisher #1, where Frank continues harrassing a man with a purple sock on his head. We also read Old Man Logan Annual #1, where Frank wants kids to get off his damn lawn.

[2:13:20] Flashbacks – Marvel What If? #29 answers the age old question: “What if Secret Empire was good?” Here we have a hypothetical story of Captain America forming his own original Avengers, and Frank is there in the War Machine armor.

[2:22:25] Doomsday Cuck – We get mad about Doomsday Clock #3-6. Good times.

[2:44:00] Discharge Papers – Jake recommends John Claude Van Johnson on Amazon Prime, and then we tag team Iron Fist season 2.

Send us your Punisher questions or comments at punisherbodycount@gmail.com

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Netflix Punisher Staff Writer Ken Kristensen is coming on Punisher: Body Count!

JakeImage result for ken kristensen and I have been working  to bring on a very special guest who has some cool behind-the-scenes knowledge on Netflix’s The Punisher. I am excited to  announce it’s Ken Kristensen, a Netflix Punisher staff writer! He’s also written for shows like Happy! and various shorts, and has been a TV and film producer since the early 2000s. He’s also written various comics for Image and IDW, with his most recent indy comic being the sci-fi epic OBLIV18N.

As always, we encourage our listeners to suggest questions for us to ask our guest. We can’t guarantee they’ll all be read on the show, but when you submit questions to us, it will enter you for a special prize: A signed Punisher #1 by current writer Matthew Rosenberg! 

Entering is easy. Just ask us a question in the comments, tweet us, reply on our pinned Facebook post, or just email us at punisherbodycount@gmail.com. 1 entry per person, no matter how many questions you ask us, however. Thanks for sticking with us and we’ll have the new episode out soon.

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Punisher: Body Count Episode #113

We are just high on goof balls and I’m sorry. But also not really. Also, I’m actually sorry about my audio quality. It will all be back on track next episode.

Introduction – Jake shows how he crushes his enemies and has them driven before him in a company Fitbit Challenge, and I continue to gamble and being a big deal actor man.

[41:52] News – We comment on an interview with one of the Punisher season 2 writers and talk about the military’s failed Punisher gun.

[1:05:21] Bullet Points – We read Punisher #1, a completely new series with the same writer and plotline as the last one. And then the roller coaster continues with Cosmic Ghost Rider #2. Also, Jake derails the show with Disney porn because of course he does.

[2:01:20] Flashbacks – I fucked up the Flashbacks prep, so we spitball future ideas. If you have some suggestions, send us a message on Twitter or Facebook.

[2:05:03] Discharge Papers – Jake goes deep into pinball games and The Foreigner. I become a Preacher apologist and shill my appearance on Waifu Wars.

Send us your Punisher questions or comments at punisherbodycount@gmail.com

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