Punisher: Body Count Episode 114

Here’s a fun drinking game: Take a shot every time Jake and I say “SJW.” Enjoy not going to work tomorrow if you do! Also, we did interview Ken Kristensen, and that will come out in a bonus episode.

Introduction – Jake won his Fitbit Challenge! And participated in a public shooting drill. Meanwhile, I traveled to Brooklyn with a friend and almost committed assault on a podcast host. Also, Jake and I bring up my comedy album The Paul Peron Tapes. Follow that link for some free tracks or check out the iTunes and Google Play stores to download them. I appreciate it.

[49:55] News – Jon Bernthal does some John Wick-style gun training, and I talk about upcoming release dates for your favorite Netflix shows and that one Infinity Warp comic.

[1:17:50] Mail Call – We get some good questions about Punisher continuity and new possible criminal targets.

[1:36:45] Bullet Points – We continue the mad house that is  Cosmic Ghost Rider #3. We read Punisher #1, where Frank continues harrassing a man with a purple sock on his head. We also read Old Man Logan Annual #1, where Frank wants kids to get off his damn lawn.

[2:13:20] Flashbacks – Marvel What If? #29 answers the age old question: “What if Secret Empire was good?” Here we have a hypothetical story of Captain America forming his own original Avengers, and Frank is there in the War Machine armor.

[2:22:25] Doomsday Cuck – We get mad about Doomsday Clock #3-6. Good times.

[2:44:00] Discharge Papers – Jake recommends John Claude Van Johnson on Amazon Prime, and then we tag team Iron Fist season 2.

Send us your Punisher questions or comments at punisherbodycount@gmail.com

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Netflix Punisher Staff Writer Ken Kristensen is coming on Punisher: Body Count!

JakeImage result for ken kristensen and I have been working  to bring on a very special guest who has some cool behind-the-scenes knowledge on Netflix’s The Punisher. I am excited to  announce it’s Ken Kristensen, a Netflix Punisher staff writer! He’s also written for shows like Happy! and various shorts, and has been a TV and film producer since the early 2000s. He’s also written various comics for Image and IDW, with his most recent indy comic being the sci-fi epic OBLIV18N.

As always, we encourage our listeners to suggest questions for us to ask our guest. We can’t guarantee they’ll all be read on the show, but when you submit questions to us, it will enter you for a special prize: A signed Punisher #1 by current writer Matthew Rosenberg! 

Entering is easy. Just ask us a question in the comments, tweet us, reply on our pinned Facebook post, or just email us at punisherbodycount@gmail.com. 1 entry per person, no matter how many questions you ask us, however. Thanks for sticking with us and we’ll have the new episode out soon.

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Punisher: Body Count Episode #113

We are just high on goof balls and I’m sorry. But also not really. Also, I’m actually sorry about my audio quality. It will all be back on track next episode.

Introduction – Jake shows how he crushes his enemies and has them driven before him in a company Fitbit Challenge, and I continue to gamble and being a big deal actor man.

[41:52] News – We comment on an interview with one of the Punisher season 2 writers and talk about the military’s failed Punisher gun.

[1:05:21] Bullet Points – We read Punisher #1, a completely new series with the same writer and plotline as the last one. And then the roller coaster continues with Cosmic Ghost Rider #2. Also, Jake derails the show with Disney porn because of course he does.

[2:01:20] Flashbacks – I fucked up the Flashbacks prep, so we spitball future ideas. If you have some suggestions, send us a message on Twitter or Facebook.

[2:05:03] Discharge Papers – Jake goes deep into pinball games and The Foreigner. I become a Preacher apologist and shill my appearance on Waifu Wars.

Send us your Punisher questions or comments at punisherbodycount@gmail.com

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Punisher: Body Count #112

Jake and I go into a lot of tangents in this one. Be ready for that.

Introduction – Jake talks about his summer vacation and ringtone experiments, and I talk about a recent trip to the doctor.

[24:43] News – We learn about a new shooting location for Punisher season 2 and some upcoming What If? comics!

[46:20] Mail Call – We get a great question from Javier about integrating the Marvel movie universe with the Marvel Netflix shows.

[1:03:15] Bullet Points – We cover Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 and Punisher #226-7.

[1:32:50] Flashbacks – In honor of the Cloak and Dagger show, we are covering Spectacular Spider-Man #82, which holds an importance place in Punisher’s publication history.

[1:52:05] Discharge Papers – Jake and I discuss Luke Cage season 2.

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Bonus! Dane and Jake Q&A!

Back in June, Jake and his family visited me as part of their summer vacation. During the visit, Jake and I set up a Q&A session on Facebook live. While you wait for us to set up the next episode (coming out this week!), I figured it would be nice to have this archived in the podcast feed. If you’d like to view the video, click here!

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Punisher: Body Count #111

Your donations to our Ko-Fi.com page allowed us to get an audio producer to professionally balance and clean up the audio! Thanks for that!

Introduction – Jake talks about how his shot at podcast stardom on the Pilots and Petards Podcast was almost ruined by bad Chinese food, and I talk about two obsessions of mine: Comedy and Gambling. Also, check out my cousin’s podcast!

[29:08] News – Certain guests continue to elude us and we learn some new info on Punisher season 2. 

[41:58] Mail Call –  We introduce the new Ko-Fi section and veer into a weird fascism argument. We also get an expert opinion on Punisher symbols in the military.

[1:17:45] Bullet Points –  We cover Punisher #224-5, where Frank continues being an obstinate asshole to the Marvel Universe and it’s just terrific.

[2:06:10] Flashbacks – We travel back to Spider-Man 174 & 175, with Len Wein as the writer and editor. Can Frank and Spider-Man take down the hitman known as… The Hitman? Tune in to find out.

[2:31:05] Discharge Papers – Jake will convince you to check out Cobra Kai and I mourn the death of Ash Vs. Evil Dead.

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Punisher: Body Count #110

In the very beginning of this episode, I mention a way you can support the show by going to our Ko-Fi.com page. You beautiful people have already helped Jake and I reach our first dumb goal, so now we’re going to have to think up new stuff. Don’t worry, donations will automatically go to the next goal when we set it up.

Introduction – We realize we got competition in the Punisher podcast world! I bring up the banter war with my sister and my forays into standup comedy. Jake reveals his secret saltiness over all my guest spots and gives me some tough love. Jake then closes out with a goodbye to a local friend.

[36:15] News – We give an update on Mike Baron’s Kickstarter Cue Ball, and we learn about the upcoming Cosmic Ghost Rider comic and what’s next for Rosenberg’s Punisher.

The New Contest! – I found a Deadpool vs Punisher #1 comic signed by former show guest Fred Van Lente! And now I’d like to give it to one of our listeners. Fred Van Lente was one of Jake and I’s favorite people to have on the show, and for a lot of listeners, too. If you would like to get your hands on it, there’s two ways to enter!

  1. Rate and review us on iTunes or Google Play.
  2. Share this episode post on Twitter or Facebook. Just be sure to use the hashtag #PBC so I can find it!

The winner will be announced in the next episode!

[58:52] Mail Call –  We answer some email about the nature of Frank Castle’s adventures and how they should or shouldn’t connect with reality. We also talk about Jessica Jones for a hot minute and then talk about forgotten side characters.

[1:20:53] Bullet Points –  We cover Punisher #223, where Frank stops a nuke and kills an Iron Man with a knife. It’s still great, is what I’m saying.

[1:35:10] Flashbacks – We look back on Frank’s vacation gone wrong with Punisher: War Journal #20 written by Carl Potts!

[1:49:15] Discharge Papers – Jake connects with his daughter over Ready Player One and talks about a cool game called Gas Lands. If you like Mad Max don’t want to die of scurvy, this is the game for you. I get into some anime bullshit and also recommend you watch Ghostly Whispers on Netflix.

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Punisher: Body Count #109

Happy Easter! There were some sound recording issues in this one, but they should be fixed by the next episode.

Introduction – We talk about haircuts and how I’m going to jail soon.

[13:22] News – New cast announcements for Punisher season 2, a Punisher comic character makes an appearance in the upcoming season of Luke Cage, and a new drug is on the street, and it’s sporting the skull.

[22:04] Mail Call –  We answer some fan mail about Frank’s IQ and liking comics hated by the mainstream! We also try to think up some unorthodox merch and discuss if continuity helps or hurts the Punisher.

[49:36] Bullet Points –  We cover Thanos #16, Punisher #222, and The Platoon #6! All of them are rad.

[1:58:02] Discharge Papers – We talk Black Panther, Jessica Jones, and Al’s Baby.

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Punisher: Body Count #108

Introduction – Jake makes an apology and revelation, and I recall another meeting with Uncle Bill.

[21:25] News – Punisher season 2 is confirmed, and I was on Signal of Doom! We also go down some weird rants, and then get some surprise news!

[41:19] Mail Call –  We answer some fan mail about gimmicks from Blackstone!

[56:25] Bullet Points –  We cover the perpetual video game that is Punisher #221 and The Platoon #5, wherein shit gets real.

[1:28:30] Flashbacks – We read Jim Starlin’s prestige-format Punisher book, Ghosts of Innocents. 

[1:47:56] Doomsday Cuck Discussion – Hey, remember Rorschach? Hey, remember Nostalgia? Hey, remember when reading a comic made you feel smart? Me neither, dude.

[2:35:49] Discharge PapersI recommend Altered Carbon and Jake makes me aware that Kindergarten Cop 2 exists. 

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Punisher: Body Count #107

Introduction – Jake and I continue our descent into destroying ourselves, and “Dollar General” Bill returns!

[23:38] News – We learn some behind-the-scenes facts from the Punisher netflix series!

[33:19] Mail Call –  We answer some fan mail from listener Jimbo!

[46:55] Blackstone FAQs – Fan favorite listener and writer Blackstone answers some of your questions.

[1:20:14] Bullet Points –  We cover Platoon #4 and Punisher: War Machine #220.

[2:04:52] Flashbacks – Remember when the Hulk was a smartass that worked for the Las Vegas mafia? Punisher: Body Count remembers, with Incredible Hulk #395-96. And of course, a special appearance is made by Frank Castle.

[2:34:39] Discharge Papers – Jake and I discuss our latest trips to the movies and Netflix, including The Toys that Made Us, The Room, Molly’s Game, and more. We also get mad about Doomsday Clock, but more on that next time!

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