Punisher: Body Count Episode 99

PBC banner 99

Enough time has passed that now MAX comics don’t feel odd as being Flashbacks segments. Man, how time flies.

Introduction – Jake and his wife gets new hobbies, and life continues to be a nightmare for me. Here is a picture so you can keep up with our nerdery when Jake talks about his miniature figures.

[15:43] News – More Netflix news, a Jim Lee myth cleared up, and lego Punisher with “realistic” guns.

[29:22] Mail Call – One awesome fan is running a marathon and we get some questions from 4chan’s Comics and Cartoons board!

[40:08] Bullet Points – Things continue to creatively fall apart in Punisher #11, but Deadpool Vs. Punisher #1-2 turns out to be a refreshing, fun ride from writer Fred Van Lente.

[1:30:19] Flashbacks We dip back into Punisher MAX with Kitchen Irish, covering issues #7-12.

[2:06:39] Discharge Papers – Jake finally watched Jessica Jones and I enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, much like most of America.

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Punisher: Body Count Episode 98

PBC Banner 98

In sickness and in health, Punisher: Body Count is here for you.

Introduction – Jake has the sniffles, but I grow only more powerful.

[15:05] Netflix and Kill – We go all Sisko and Ebert on Iron Fist, a Netflix show that has been on for weeks.

[37:53] News – I briefly bring up some new Punisher Netflix photos and give shout-outs to our great listeners.

[42:24] Mail Call – We get one email from a listener with a dream.

[47:16] Bullet Points – We cover Punisher #10, where the honeymoon is clearly over with this series.

[1:07:50] Flashbacks We cover the third trade paperback of Marvel Knights Punisher, which includes issues #20-26. We got pathos, we got squids, we got traumatized.

[1:47:45] Discharge Papers – A relatively short segment this time around with me recommending Legion and not some dumb movie.


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Punisher: Body Count Episode 97

PBC 97 banner_cropped.png

Special thanks to Johnny for the fan art! Click here to see the full image.

We can’t stop, we won’t stop. We might get delayed, but stopping? No. Out of the question.

Introduction – Jake and I give an update on the Indiegogo campaign and investigate his wife’s cyber-bullying.

[22:54] News – We learn about a new Punisher/Deadpool mini-series, some Punisher cast news, and a horrible mistake made by Kentucky police.

[39:30] Mail Call – We get some great “accidental revenge” movie recommendations from Arch, and some new questions from new fans!

[1:03:30] Bullet Points We cover Magic Bullets #7-8 and finish off Punisher #9.

[1:43:10] Flashbacks As per an Indiegogo request, we got Punisher: Year One on the docket! As a mini-series, it holds up very well, combining Frank’s story with the greater Marvel universe while keeping it on a very human level.

[2:17:58] Discharge Papers – Jake recommends Rurouni Kenshin and not getting a liberal arts degree. I recommend you give Legion three episodes before deciding if you hate it.

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Punisher: Body Count Episode 96


Welcome to our show, publicly funded by you! I promise you we will only spend the money on wise investments.

Introduction – Jake classes up the show with some art and I talk about how even while dying I can make things awkward.

[18:50] News – We talk about Jon Bernthal growing a new beard, Tom Jane’s new gig, and upcoming comics like a Deadpool/Punisher team-up and some telling Goran Parlov artwork (Thanks Punisher Harp Zone!).

[29:55] Mail Call – We mull over some casting questions and talk about dealing with liking a character but hating the current direction the character is in.

[47:04] Bullet Points – We cover Punisher #7-8 and Magic Bullets #4-6.

[1:35:54] Interrogation Room – We are honored to have had John Barber, the writer behind Doctor Strange/Punisher: Magic Bullets! He has been an editor for IDW and Marvel, with plenty of great stories to boot! John was a top-notch guest, and we recommend you check out the other equally notch IDW comics he is writing right now:

[2:46:35] Discharge Papers – Jake’s finally seen Rogue One and Stranger Things. I talk about Ben Affleck’s The Accountant and I realize what is my favorite kind of niche genre. Seriously, if you have any recommendations for me in that genre, send us an email. I will watch it.

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Punisher: Body Count Episode 95

Introduction – Jake and I thank you for your amazing contributions to our Indiegogo campaign! We also share a moment of confusion and a moment of manliness. Special thanks to Sherry Konkus for the banner art!

News – A new cast photo for the Punisher show is out, and that’s about it!

Gift Exchange – Jake and I take part in our annual tradition of trading gifts on the air!
Bullet Points – We discuss Magic Bullets #3 and Gwenpool Holiday Special #1 in our search for the true meaning of the holidays.

Fan Fiction Fun Time – We read some of our favorite Punisher fan fictions. In order:

Punisher: Rachel’s War by JasonNoir

Judgement Skull by settlechaos

The Punisher: Deep Waters by Blakkstone

Discharge Papers – Jake struggles to think of something to recommend and I give important opinions on Rogue One.

If you’d like, hit us up on iTunes or RSS.

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Punisher: Body Count Episode 94


Introduction –  To help Jake replace his computer and improve the show in general, we are running an Indiegogo campaign! There are plenty of rewards for donors, such as shirts, on-air producer credits, and the money will go toward getting more episodes out and more content in general. Afterwards, Jake and I share Thanksgiving stories with a side of sadness, and I talk about my life as a big time actor in New York City.

[31:06] News – We report on the new artists that will be taking of the Punisher title in the wake of Steve Dillon’s death, a new retro figure from Diamond Direct, and some unexpected Netflix news regarding the Punisher.

[35:38] Bullet Points – We cover Punisher/Dr. Strange: Magic Bullets #1 and #2, the best buddy cop movie of 2016.

[1:08:58] Flashbacks – As a Christmas gift to me, we cover Foolkiller: White Angels, a rare Punisher MAX team-up with west coast vigilante/street artist Mike Trace. It’s a wonder to read and a shame we don’t get more.

[1:57:40] Discharge Papers – Jake likes Dr. Strange and Scrotal Recall, and I like Bad Santa 2 and Blood Meridian.

If you’d like, hit us up on iTunes or RSS.

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Punisher: Body Count Episode 93


This episode is will be focused on comic book artist and creator Steve Dillon, who died earlier this October.

Introduction –  Jacob entertains us with some humorous anecdotes and I talk about how my family is entering the FUTURE.

[25:40] News – We announce a new bevy of cast members for the Punisher show and reveal a wonderful gift sent to us by Charles Burgio.

[46:23] Mail Call – Tons of mail from you people today! Questions about our guest wish lists, Cloonan’s run, and who would win in a fight: Me or Jake?

[1:15:42] Bullet Points – In this episode, we cover Gerry Conway’s Punisher Annual #1 and Becky Cloonan’s Punisher #6.

[1:50:03] Flashbacks – In honor of Halloween we cover Marvel Mangaverse: Punisher and in honor of Steve Dillon, we cover the Punisher: War Zone #1-6, the miniseries made by him and Garth Ennis.

[2:34:27] Discharge Papers – Jake and I have a hearty debate on the state of MCU movies, talk about Luke Cage, and I recommend you watch the new season of Black Mirror.

If you’d like, hit us up on iTunes or RSS.

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