Punisher: Body Count Episode 93


This episode is will be focused on comic book artist and creator Steve Dillon, who died earlier this October.

Introduction –  Jacob entertains us with some humorous anecdotes and I talk about how my family is entering the FUTURE.

[25:40] News – We announce a new bevy of cast members for the Punisher show and reveal a wonderful gift sent to us by Charles Burgio.

[46:23] Mail Call – Tons of mail from you people today! Questions about our guest wish lists, Cloonan’s run, and who would win in a fight: Me or Jake?

[1:15:42] Bullet Points – In this episode, we cover Gerry Conway’s Punisher Annual #1 and Becky Cloonan’s Punisher #6.

[1:50:03] Flashbacks – In honor of Halloween we cover Marvel Mangaverse: Punisher and in honor of Steve Dillon, we cover the Punisher: War Zone #1-6, the miniseries made by him and Garth Ennis.

[2:34:27] Discharge Papers – Jake and I have a hearty debate on the state of MCU movies, talk about Luke Cage, and I recommend you watch the new season of Black Mirror.

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Punisher: Body Count Episode 92


What is the haps, my friends. We had a lot of fun with this episode, so I hope you enjoy it.

Introduction – Jacob has found success in overthrowing his HOA and is now a Youtube sensation. Is he getting too big for this show? Haha, no. I recall some great acting anecdotes as well.

[19:43] News – Special guest Emily Williams helps us get our heads around Avengers Academy, and we talk about some new casting for the Punisher Netflix show. We also talk up the Punisher vs. Darkman fan film and the shittiest Punisher costume ever.

[45:18] Mail Call – We get a ton of great voicemails and emails from you guys! Plus, Jake gives what might be the best team-up idea ever. Also, use this link to play the video when we start talking about the new military “Punisher” vehicle to follow along with us!

[1:25:26] Bullet Points – We get as close as we will ever get to Civil War II with Choosing Sides #4 and Kingpin #3. We end the segment with Becky Cloonan’s Punisher #5. We get a little negative on it, but it’s a good series.

[2:08:56] Flashbacks – We finish the Punisher Eurohit story line with issues #67-70. Such a fun arc by Abnett and Lanning! We highly recommend it. 

[2:35:33] Discharge Papers – Jake talks up Magnificent 7 and I talk down on Blair Witch. I also give initial thoughts on Luke Cage, but will get in-depth next episode.

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Punisher: Body Count Episode 91


After reviewing many notes given to us from Human Resources, we have decided to terminate Jake’s contract and replace him with his wife Emily Williams. Thank you for understanding.

Introduction – Jacob discusses his Nashville trip and I talk about fire pits and relationship tricks.

[20:06] News – We talk Punisher Netflix release dates, casting, and a cool (real!) gun named after the character!

[34:30] Bullet Points – We cover Becky Cloonan’s Punisher #4, which continues the proud Punisher tradition of battle vans and kids being cool with murder.

[56:45] Mail Call – Javier comes in on the clutch with a last-minute mail call question! It’s an angel Punisher question!

[1:00:47] Flashbacks – It’s late August so of course we go over a back to school special! This one is Punisher Back-To-School Special #4, and it’s got everything: Hallucinogens, Malaysian head hunters, and a lesson on why you shouldn’t kick hobos.

[1:44:20] Discharge Papers – Jake and I talk about the Back to the Future movies and I recommend Hand of God on Amazon Prime. We also talk about Suicide Squad for way too long. Sorry about that.

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Punisher: Body Count Episode 90


Here is a fun podcast to listen to while you play Pokemon GO between your Snapchat sessions, fam. We are cool people on this podcast.

Introduction – Jake talks about his upcoming Nashville trip and his slow metamorphosis into becoming his co-host. I discuss the glorious new shop that opened up in my town and my Pokemon GO adventures. Also, there’s a strip club in there somewhere.

[22:42] News – Jake and I talk about the newly announced series Magic Bullets, coming out this fall, as well as the Netlfix/Marvel lineup and how the Punisher series plays into it.

[31:31] Mail Call – We get some great voice mails from our listeners that ask us about Frank’s tactical sense and have us reminiscing about the worst Punisher comics we’ve ever read.

[1:21:75] Flashbacks –  We switch up formats to celebrate Nigel Higgens, the British Punisher, featured in both comic segments today! In this episode, we cover the first half of The Eurohit storyline with Punisher issues 64-66.

[1:39:26] Bullet Points – We cover issue #10 of Contest of Champions to have a Punisher trifecta: Punisher, Punisher 2099, and Nigel Higgens! Then we cover Punisher #3, which is pretty good!

[2:524:30] Discharge Papers – Jake recommends the Watchmen motion comic and is lukewarm to The Killing Joke animated feature. Meanwhile, I love The Admiral: Roaring Currents and think Hardcore Henry is a waste of time.

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Punisher: Body Count Episode 89


Yeah, son (and/or daughter). It is time for insane Punisher stories, honey pots, and dick jokes.

Introduction – Jake talks about his game testing duties and how he’s getting his daughter into STEM. I talk about my acting career and my battles in the gas wars.

[23:51] News – Jake and I discuss the newly announced Punisher TV show’s release date and the growing meme of the Punisher identity.

[36:20] Mail Call – We get a great voice mail from Blackstone and some helpful emails from our listeners.

[54:19] Bullet Points – We cover Frank’s adventures in upstate New York and Vermont in Punisher #2 and wrap up the emotionally dead-inside series Seventh Circle.

[1:23:14] Flashbacks –  Jake and I enjoy the hell out of an unpublished Punisher 2099 story done by Chuck Dixon! He released it on his blog and you can Read Part 1 here!  Read Part 2 here!

[1:58:29] Discharge Papers – Jake discusses the shows Love, Narcos, and the Studio Ghibli movie The Wind Rises. I love Lady Dynamite and hate the AMC show Preacher.

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Punisher: Body Count Episode 88


Introduction – Jake does his good deed for the year by helping a man with some car troubles and I brag about the fat stacks I made with my crazy gambling skills.

[21:42] News – Jake and I discuss the newly-announced Punisher Netflix series and we mourn the passing of Darwyn Cooke.

[36:20] Mail Call – Listener Rab asks us some great questions about Frank’s views on the Irish conflict, his mostly good vidja games, and “bandwagon” fans.

[1:13:10] Bullet Points – We cover the new Punisher #1 by Becky Cloonan and art by Punisher veteran Steve Dillon. Overall, it’s a promising, solid start!

[1:37:20] Flashbacks – We were in the mood for an annual, so we talk about Love, loss, and shitty Iron Man suits in Punisher War Zone Annual #1.

[1:58:29] Discharge Papers – Jake and I rave about Captain America: Civil War, and I talk about the sweet haul I got from Free Comic Book Day!

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Punisher: Body Count Episode 87


Got some cool announcements today so let’s get into it!

Introduction – Jake and I catch up with vacations and shopping around for car insurance.

[13:18] News – Jake and I scrape together some previews for Becky Cloonan’s upcoming Punisher series (coming out this May!) and we get into a weird argument about Danny Cooksey. We also announce the winner to our Spoilers Bro! contest.

TFAW Announcement – As mentioned on the show, Punisher: Body Count is now affiliated with the world’s 3rd largest comic books and pop culture retailer in the world: Things From Another World! Here’s what that means: When you click that link or other recommendation links to buy something from TFAW’s site, we will get a percentage of the final order, which Jake and I will put toward the show. This will not increase your prices; it just helps us out and you get the comics, graphic novels, figurines, and general merch you wanted anyway!

[33:33] Mail Call – Jake and I get political and discuss what writers would not be a good fit for the Punisher.

[57:35] Dane and Jake Go to Netflix – We wrap up Daredevil Season 2 with our general likes, dislikes, and what we hope for the future.

[1:28:38] Bullet Points – We cover the Marvel Infinite comic Daredevil-Punisher: Seventh Circle #2-3. It’s alright.

[1:37:33] Flashbacks – We have a giant-sized segment featuring Punisher: 2099 #15-16 and Daredevil vs. Punisher: Means and Ends #4-6. Fun, futuristic times are ahead, and then a kid gets murdered.

[2:14:14] Discharge Papers – I recommend the crime graphic novel Parker: The Score (It’s $10 cheaper on TFAW) and Jake talks up his experience playing Star Wars: Rebellion. I also follow up on Jake’s movie recommendation: Firepower.

If you’d like, hit us up on iTunes or RSS.

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