Punisher: Body Count #108

Introduction – Jake makes an apology and revelation, and I recall another meeting with Uncle Bill.

[21:25] News – Punisher season 2 is confirmed, and I was on Signal of Doom! We also go down some weird rants, and then get some surprise news!

[41:19] Mail Call –  We answer some fan mail about gimmicks from Blackstone!

[56:25] Bullet Points –  We cover the perpetual video game that is Punisher #221 and The Platoon #5, wherein shit gets real.

[1:28:30] Flashbacks – We read Jim Starlin’s prestige-format Punisher book, Ghosts of Innocents. 

[1:47:56] Doomsday Cuck Discussion – Hey, remember Rorschach? Hey, remember Nostalgia? Hey, remember when reading a comic made you feel smart? Me neither, dude.

[2:35:49] Discharge PapersI recommend Altered Carbon and Jake makes me aware that Kindergarten Cop 2 exists. 

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Punisher: Body Count #107

Introduction – Jake and I continue our descent into destroying ourselves, and “Dollar General” Bill returns!

[23:38] News – We learn some behind-the-scenes facts from the Punisher netflix series!

[33:19] Mail Call –  We answer some fan mail from listener Jimbo!

[46:55] Blackstone FAQs – Fan favorite listener and writer Blackstone answers some of your questions.

[1:20:14] Bullet Points –  We cover Platoon #4 and Punisher: War Machine #220.

[2:04:52] Flashbacks – Remember when the Hulk was a smartass that worked for the Las Vegas mafia? Punisher: Body Count remembers, with Incredible Hulk #395-96. And of course, a special appearance is made by Frank Castle.

[2:34:39] Discharge Papers – Jake and I discuss our latest trips to the movies and Netflix, including The Toys that Made Us, The Room, Molly’s Game, and more. We also get mad about Doomsday Clock, but more on that next time!

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Punisher: Body Count Episode 106



We end the year strong with a holiday episode that contains highs, lows, heart disease, and fan fiction!

Introduction – Jake and I discuss how we are awful at Christmas.

[22:00] News – We discuss Brian Michael Bendis’ comments on the cancelled End of Days comic and reveal the “Ultimate Punisher Story” that never came to be.

 [33:40] Christmas Exchange – What entertainment value could come from two guys trading gifts? Man, just listen.

Gift 1

Gift 2

Gift 3 (Do not click until you get to it)

[50:30] Bullet Points –  This segment only covers The Platoon #3, and man I hope you’re interested in gun facts.

[1:07:55] The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Fanfiction Special – Jake makes a new format for this segment, so here are the fanfics for you to follow along!

Fic 1

Fic 2

Fic 3

[1:52:15] Discharge Papers – Jake and I discuss the Last Jedi and I recommend you watch Goliath on Amazon! Jake also watched Cobra and it was ok. See you in 2018!

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Punisher: Body Count Episode 105

Introduction – I talk about my frustrating Thanksgiving and Jake gets through the daily grind.

[12:45] News – We talk about the Disney buyout deal and a fandom’s interesting defection to the Punisher.

 [22:35] Mail Call – We answer your voicemails and get a cool early Christmas gift!

[46:45] Bullet Points –  This segment only covers The Platoon #3, and man I hope you’re interested in gun facts.

[1:01:55] Flashbacks –  We look back fondly on What If #44, where Venom Possessed the Punisher. In a shocking twist, Spider-Man doesn’t die in this one!

[1:12:25] Netflix and Kill – We cover the rest of the Punisher Netflix series, with all it’s improvements, accomplishments, and favorite/hated characters.

[2:16:55] Discharge Papers – Jake recommends the Polybius documentary and I talk up the Cry of Mann webseries.

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Punisher: Body Count Episode 104

PBC 104 banner

We got opinions on the Punisher Netflix TV show and much more today!

Introduction – Jake introduces us to the Weinstein scale, and I talk about the my guest appearance on Mike’s show, ToonCast!

[19:58] News – Jake and I discuss the Vulture article that we got to contribute to, and we check out the reviews for the Netflix series. We also talk about Mike Baron’s new Kickstarter, Q-Ball!

 [40:47] Mail Call – Today we receive voicemails from listeners and one very famous actor!

[57:50] Bullet Points –  We close out Becky Cloonan’s run with Punisher #17 and then hope into the newly re-numbered Punisher #218, where Not-Bernthal teams up with Not-Samuel L. Jackson to steal the War Machine armor. Finally, The Platoon #2 is so solid that Jake and I have trouble even discussing it.

[1:42:015] Netflix and Kill – The Punisher is a Marine, and Jigsaw is finally good! We discuss these miracles and more as Jake and I go through the first three episodes.

[2:16:55] Discharge Papers – Jake recommends Twilight Imperium and I finally catch up on Highlander. Yeah, the first movie.

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Punisher: Body Count Episode 103

Who wants to hear some opinions about Vietnam? No, you’re not being force to spend time with your grandpa, it’s Punisher: Body Count!

Introduction – Jake feels troll’s remorse and I tell a tale of rogue-ry and alcohol.

[23:30] News – We discuss the Punisher tv premiere delay and New York Comicon panel change, as well as the Northrup-Grummin fiasco.

 [38:04] Mail Call – We get an email from long-time fan Adam Stines, and I humiliate myself again.

[53:30] Bullet Points –  Things sure… start coming to a close with Becky Cloonan’s Punisher #16. We also cover Edge of the Venomverse – War Stories #1. It’s okay. Finally we get to the return of the messiah: Garth Ennis and Goran Parlov give us The Platoon #1.

[1:57:02] Flashbacks – In honor of The Platoon, we cover the final Punisher: MAX arc by Ennis and Parlov, which is of course Valley Forge, Valley Forge. I really enjoyed the discussion we had here, but we do get rather political, so you’ve been warned.

[2:53:47] Discharge Papers – Jake recommends you catch up on Blade of the Immortal and I talk about Anthony Weiner’s documentary for a bit.

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Punisher: Body Count Episode 102

Enjoy the episode banner on our website. It is possibly some of the best photoshop I’ve ever done.

Introduction – We open up the show by talking about our betters, in particular Kelly Kanayama, and her lovely Frank Discussions podcast. Jake then talks about revisiting his childhood by seeing Terminator 2, and then I discuss how I’m getting closer to living out a shitty version of the Crank movies.

[30:51] News – We report on the upcoming renumbered Punisher: War Machine comic, a Punisher fan getting into politics, morse code and social media, and the  Secret Empire Omega comic that will surely explain why Frank became a fascist.

[43:59] Mail Call –  We get some complimentary fan mail and I will the sabotaged guns argument. Hell yeah.

[50:33] Bullet Points –  Becky Cloonan keeps up the one-shot winners with Punisher #15. Also, don’t forget to email us at punisherbodycount@gmail.com with your Barracuda writer suggestions.

[1:12:54] Flashbacks – We treat ourselves to some more bonkers Punisher 2099 with issues #17-19. Jake Gallows makes friends with a robot, gets a female copycat, and says an iconic line.

[1:52:21] Discharge Papers – Jake and I discuss how Defenders was pretty good, and Jake talks about the philosopher/literary analyst Sparky Sweets.

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