Punisher: Body Count Episode 103

Who wants to hear some opinions about Vietnam? No, you’re not being force to spend time with your grandpa, it’s Punisher: Body Count!

Introduction – Jake feels troll’s remorse and I tell a tale of rogue-ry and alcohol.

[23:30] News – We discuss the Punisher tv premiere delay and New York Comicon panel change, as well as the Northrup-Grummin fiasco.

 [38:04] Mail Call – We get an email from long-time fan Adam Stines, and I humiliate myself again.

[53:30] Bullet Points –  Things sure… start coming to a close with Becky Cloonan’s Punisher #16. We also cover Edge of the Venomverse – War Stories #1. It’s okay. Finally we get to the return of the messiah: Garth Ennis and Goran Parlov give us The Platoon #1.

[1:57:02] Flashbacks – In honor of The Platoon, we cover the final Punisher: MAX arc by Ennis and Parlov, which is of course Valley Forge, Valley Forge. I really enjoyed the discussion we had here, but we do get rather political, so you’ve been warned.

[2:53:47] Discharge Papers – Jake recommends you catch up on Blade of the Immortal and I talk about Anthony Weiner’s documentary for a bit.

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Punisher: Body Count Episode 102

Enjoy the episode banner on our website. It is possibly some of the best photoshop I’ve ever done.

Introduction – We open up the show by talking about our betters, in particular Kelly Kanayama, and her lovely Frank Discussions podcast. Jake then talks about revisiting his childhood by seeing Terminator 2, and then I discuss how I’m getting closer to living out a shitty version of the Crank movies.

[30:51] News – We report on the upcoming renumbered Punisher: War Machine comic, a Punisher fan getting into politics, morse code and social media, and the  Secret Empire Omega comic that will surely explain why Frank became a fascist.

[43:59] Mail Call –  We get some complimentary fan mail and I will the sabotaged guns argument. Hell yeah.

[50:33] Bullet Points –  Becky Cloonan keeps up the one-shot winners with Punisher #15. Also, don’t forget to email us at punisherbodycount@gmail.com with your Barracuda writer suggestions.

[1:12:54] Flashbacks – We treat ourselves to some more bonkers Punisher 2099 with issues #17-19. Jake Gallows makes friends with a robot, gets a female copycat, and says an iconic line.

[1:52:21] Discharge Papers – Jake and I discuss how Defenders was pretty good, and Jake talks about the philosopher/literary analyst Sparky Sweets.

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Punisher: Body Count Episode 101


PBC 101 banner

Man, wasn’t episode 100 good? Consider this the hangover episode, where we try to get by, realizing we will never reach such heights until we get another big name on the show.

Introduction – Jake educates us on safe sex and I nearly die in a Chuck E. Cheese.

News – We predicted Marvel VR, discuss The Platoon, mention Mego figures, and of course dive into Netflix news.

Episode 100 Contest! – The episode 100 contest is still running, and we’ll announce a winner next episode. We want to make sure the show reaches as many people as possible, so each of these acts counts as an entry:

  1. Review us on iTunes
  2. Review us on Stitcher
  3. Share the episode 100 post on Facebook
  4. Re-Tweet episode 100 on Twitter

The prize is a color copy work-in-progress page from Batman/Punisher: Deadly Knights, the crossover comic done by Chuck Dixon and John Romita Jr.! This was a collaboration work-in-progress page between the colorist, editor, and other artists!

[37:22] Mail Call –  We get voicemails from Big Rab and Blackstone, rant about the cycle of Punisher comics, and bring up possible short film ideas, and more.

[1:06:32] Bullet Points – We wrap up Deadpool Vs. Punisher #5, love the direction of Cloonan’s one shots in Punisher #13-14, and get through Defenders #3 and Secret Empire #7 (Defenders is fine, though).

[2:22:16] Flashbacks – Frank “fights” Doctor Doom in Punisher #28-29!

[2:41:46] Discharge Papers – I talk about Preacher, and Jake talks about Glow and Highlander: The American Dream comic series.

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Punisher: Body Count Episode 100


It’s finally here! Episode 100! And it’s over six hours long! We are unto gods of podcasting now. Lesser podcasters weep at our wise, niche branding, and women have stopped Jake and I on the street so much that we must employ guards to use Punisher 2099-style Adjustable Density Power Bats against them. Advertisers compete in gladiatorial matches for us to even mumble their products on our show.

We have a lot of content for this episode because wanted episode 100 to symbolize what this podcast is about. So we have prizes, we have an interview, we have stupid comedy bit, and more! Also, there was some drinking done, mostly for me, so I’m going to apologize in advance for that.

Introduction – We welcome long-time listener and Punisher fan Arch back to the show.   Jake and Arch catch up on the South and sweet medieval tournaments. I give an update on my new Bog Saget-style life with my sister and her kids, and then I share some magical local folklore that Jake immediately ruins. Jake then talks about being a friend to the animals and Arch rounds off the segment with an actually nice story regarding Steven Dillon. Then there’s some back-patting, but you can skip that part.

[1:04:01] News – Jake gives us an Indiegogo update, and I tell you about the episode 100 prize! More info in the paragraph below this one. The rest of our segment is filled with Punisher in all walks of life: Comics, TV, Toys, and a fat asshole who tried to kill the Green Ranger.

Episode 100 Contest! – As mentioned in News, we have a new contest running, with a cool prize. We want to make sure the show reaches as many people as possible, so each of these acts counts as an entry:

  1. Review us on iTunes
  2. Review us on Google Play (coming soon!)
  3. Review us on Stitcher
  4. Share the episode 100 post on Facebook
  5. Re-Tweet episode 100 on Twitter

The prize is a color copy work-in-progress page from Batman/Punisher: Deadly Knights, the crossover comic done by Chuck Dixon and John Romita Jr.! This was a collaboration work-in-progress page between the colorist, editor, and other artists!

[2:03:48] Mail Call – We have a big mail call segment, with discussions on logos, ranking MAX stories, cool guns, an update on Cody’s marathon, and cool sci-fi gadgets.

[2:48:20] Interrogation Room – We interview Fred Van Lente, the writer behind the current Deadpool vs. The Punisher mini-series and so much more! Check out his new book, Ten Dead Comedians, wherever fine books are sold.

[3:56:20] Bullet Points – We cover the stabby conclusion to Punisher #12, and then wrap things up with a satisfying couple of comics called Deadpool Vs. Punisher #3-4 from Fred Van Lente. Also we covered the Secret Empire garbage at the beginning but who cares.

[5:02:50] Flashbacks – We go deep with the listener-requested mini-series Origin of Microchip #1-2!

[5:31:30] Discharge Papers – Jake has watched Riverdale and we briefly discuss Wonder Woman. Be sure to check out Arch’s site Frank’s Salad Days for high-quality research, reviews, and behind-the-scenes info on older Punisher comics. His new series focusing on Fury MAX: My War Gone By is awesome! I talk up my love of half-hour show binge-watching, and include Ash vs. Evil Dead in that list. Finally, I plug my own comedy album: The Paul Peron Tapes. The album is a collection of prank calls where I’m a redneck named Paul Peron and I screw with any scam caller that calls my home. I’m a huge fan of Jerky Boys and Richard and Sal, so this album was a joy to make. I couldn’t have made this without what I’ve learned from this podcast, so thank you all for encouraging us to continue. I’ll list some places to listen/buy it below:

And finally, if you’re a fan of Jesse’s Punisher fanfiction, give his collection a look.


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Punisher: Body Count Episode 99

PBC banner 99

Enough time has passed that now MAX comics don’t feel odd as being Flashbacks segments. Man, how time flies.

Introduction – Jake and his wife gets new hobbies, and life continues to be a nightmare for me. Here is a picture so you can keep up with our nerdery when Jake talks about his miniature figures.

[15:43] News – More Netflix news, a Jim Lee myth cleared up, and lego Punisher with “realistic” guns.

[29:22] Mail Call – One awesome fan is running a marathon and we get some questions from 4chan’s Comics and Cartoons board!

[40:08] Bullet Points – Things continue to creatively fall apart in Punisher #11, but Deadpool Vs. Punisher #1-2 turns out to be a refreshing, fun ride from writer Fred Van Lente.

[1:30:19] Flashbacks We dip back into Punisher MAX with Kitchen Irish, covering issues #7-12.

[2:06:39] Discharge Papers – Jake finally watched Jessica Jones and I enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, much like most of America.

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Punisher: Body Count Episode 98

PBC Banner 98

In sickness and in health, Punisher: Body Count is here for you.

Introduction – Jake has the sniffles, but I grow only more powerful.

[15:05] Netflix and Kill – We go all Sisko and Ebert on Iron Fist, a Netflix show that has been on for weeks.

[37:53] News – I briefly bring up some new Punisher Netflix photos and give shout-outs to our great listeners.

[42:24] Mail Call – We get one email from a listener with a dream.

[47:16] Bullet Points – We cover Punisher #10, where the honeymoon is clearly over with this series.

[1:07:50] Flashbacks We cover the third trade paperback of Marvel Knights Punisher, which includes issues #20-26. We got pathos, we got squids, we got traumatized.

[1:47:45] Discharge Papers – A relatively short segment this time around with me recommending Legion and not some dumb movie.


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Punisher: Body Count Episode 97

PBC 97 banner_cropped.png

Special thanks to Johnny for the fan art! Click here to see the full image.

We can’t stop, we won’t stop. We might get delayed, but stopping? No. Out of the question.

Introduction – Jake and I give an update on the Indiegogo campaign and investigate his wife’s cyber-bullying.

[22:54] News – We learn about a new Punisher/Deadpool mini-series, some Punisher cast news, and a horrible mistake made by Kentucky police.

[39:30] Mail Call – We get some great “accidental revenge” movie recommendations from Arch, and some new questions from new fans!

[1:03:30] Bullet Points We cover Magic Bullets #7-8 and finish off Punisher #9.

[1:43:10] Flashbacks As per an Indiegogo request, we got Punisher: Year One on the docket! As a mini-series, it holds up very well, combining Frank’s story with the greater Marvel universe while keeping it on a very human level.

[2:17:58] Discharge Papers – Jake recommends Rurouni Kenshin and not getting a liberal arts degree. I recommend you give Legion three episodes before deciding if you hate it.

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