How to Download and FAQs

What is this? 

The net’s best podcast for all things Punisher!

What’s the Punisher?

He’s… really?  He’s had, like, three movies you know.  And you’re at a blog about him so I’d think you’d at least… Anyway, the Punisher is a Marvel comics character named Frank Castle that was first introduced in Spider-Man #129.  He’s the epitome of an anti-hero vigilante, with numerous comics, movies, and tv show appearances to his name.  His normal story goes that he’s a Vietnam veteran that came home at the end of his tours to spend time with his family.  However, during a picnic in Central Park, Frank’s family gets gunned down in the crossfire of a mob hit, with Frank as the only survivor.  Now Frank Castle spends his days on a violent crusade against the mob and any other sick villainy that invades the seedy underbelly of New York City.  Frank Castle is dead… now there is only THE PUNISHER.

Who are you guys?

We’re Dane and Jake, co-host compadres for Punisher: Body Count! I run and update the blog, while Jake handles the editing of the show.   We wanted to keep in touch after I moved back to my home state for a job, so the obvious answer was to have a podcast.  As you can guess, we’re both big fans of the Punisher, so we just went off from there.

What’s your show format?

Even though Jake and I can drift off-topic sometimes, we do try to keep up some order around this place.  Here’s how we normally do things:

Introduction:  Where Jake and I catch up on our lives.  This is much more entertaining than it sounds.
Mail Call: We read the questions and comments we get from our fans!
Bullet Points: We read the current Punisher and Punisher-related comics and give our take on them.
Flashbacks:  We talk about the Punisher comics of yesteryear.  The iconic, the awful, and the downright confusing gets discussed.
Discharge Papers:  We end the show with some non-Punisher related media that Jake and I have read/watched, and tell you if you should buy it or burn it when you see it in stores.
Interrogation Room:  This is an optional segment that we put in when we interview special guests!

How can I get this show?

There are four different ways to listen to the show:

1.  Use iTunes. Our page is here, but you can also search for us by typing in “Punisher Body Count” in the iTunes search bar.

2.  Use our RSS feed.  It gives you plenty of options on how to subscribe to the show.

3.  Download from us directly on our libsyn page.  The page copies our summaries, but at the bottom of every post you’ll see a direct download link.

Right click it and “Save As” or “Save Link As.”

4.  Stream it directly from this blog.  We have a streaming widget at the bottom of every episode summary.

Why is it called Punisher: Body Count?

Instead of having a rating system, at the end of the Bullet Points and Flashbacks segments, Jake asks me the body count of the issue, i.e. how many people the Punisher killed. They have to be on-panel and/or obvious deaths, and robots do not count. I have a bad memory when it comes to numbers, so it’s not as easy as you think!

Why don’t you rate the comics you read?

Ratings are more trouble than they’re worth, because numbers lack context.  A four star rating on one comic could mean something completely different when another comic gets that rating. Besides, we either like something or we don’t, and we’ll tell you so.  If you disagree, that’s okay, we can still be friends.

I have a suggestion for what you guys should read next! I also may want to ask you a Punisher-related question!  How can I contact you?

A couple ways:

Google Voice:  (347) 878-6474.  It’s a voicemail box. Just leave your message and we’ll air it and respond to it on the show.
Twitter: @PunisherBC
Punisher Body Count Facebook Fan Page:  Right here!  We have a lot of good discussion here, and it’s a great hangout for our listeners.

We pull content from all three of these places for the Mail Call segment, but if you want to ensure your questions/comments get read on the show, it’s best to email us.

How do you make the show?

We talk to each other over Skype while recording our individual vocal tracks with Audacity software, which we also use to edit and clean up the audio. When the show is ready, I do a summary write-up for the blog, upload it to Libsyn, and then make people aware that the new show is up via our social media outlets.

When do you record?

Jake and I love doing the show, but it’s dependent on a lot of factors.  We try and do as many “complete” shows as possible, which means we often wait until a new Punisher comic is out and then record on the weekend.  The show is then released on that following Monday. Check out our Twitter and Facebook pages to stay informed of upcoming episodes!

2 Responses to How to Download and FAQs

  1. Matt says:

    I just stumbled your show. I’m a LONG time Punisher fan, and I really enjoy the podcasts that I’ve listened to so far. What is the opening song? Sounds like Megadeth, but I don’t know for sure. Thanks and keep up the awesome work.

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