About Us

Punisher: Body Count is the net’s best podcast on all things Punisher, the archetypal comic book vigilante! We bring you Punisher news and interviews, as well as cover new comic book releases and classic issues of yesteryear.

The show updates on a once-to-twice monthly basis based on the release schedule of Punisher comics. Check our Twitter and Facebook pages to stay informed of upcoming episodes!

3 Responses to About Us

  1. Jim Pyre says:

    Hey guys, first time commenter long time fan. 😜

    I had to pull over when I heard the Dead Snake sound. You rock!

    As someone new to the world of the mass murderer —er — superhero where who you all suggest I start my Punisher reading? Maybe you could create some kind of “new reader aid” for people just like me. 😊

    Take care,


    • Dane says:

      Hey Jim! Welcome aboard! A lot of people like the “Welcome Back Frank” story done by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon because it’s dark, funny, violent, and one of the best interpretations of the character. Marvel also likes to do soft reboots of the comic every three years or so, so there are plenty of recent fresh starts as well. For something more new, I suggest Greg Rucka’s run of the Punisher. Google his name with the Punisher to find the collected trade paperbacks. For true rated R punisher, there is Punisher Max, also done by Ennis and is all fantastic!

  2. interlocutor17 says:

    As a follow up to Jim’s comment, do Garth Ennis’ stories all follow the same continuation of Frank Castle’s life in Born?

    I’m really curious at looking into the Punisher and seeing his affects on the world over the course of his life. I’d like to do something like psychoanalysis and analyze the ethics. To your knowledge has Marvel or anyone else come up with a set of series/stories that completes a full narrative of Frank Castle? Do we just have to juggle origin stories and different writers interpretations on Castle’s personality. I really like Castle as a Schizso like Ennis develops. Too bad The Punisher isn’t a Mad Max like character whose story is always told from someone else. That would explain all the different stories and contradictions between series.

    Ennis’s Born is one of my favorite Graphic Novels, maybe my 2nd favorite behind Watchmen. But there is so much Punisher out there due to his popularity which is one of the problems with Marvel and its pursuit of making large amounts of money. I’d appreciate some guidance.

    For the record I just found your podcast and have not listened yet. Where should I start with the podcast too?

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