Punisher: Body Count Episode 128

128 bannerRecord a show and have it out in 48 hours? Christmas miracles do happen.

Introduction – I talk about why hunters are the true heroes of America and Jake talks about how his daughter is an ascended child.

[21:00] News – We get an interesting rumor about the Moon Knight show and take stock on the show’s previous year. Don’t forget to call in at (347) 878-6474.

[35:10] Dane and Jake Get Christmasy – No spoilers here!

[55:45] Bullet Points – Jake and I cover Punisher: Soviet #2 and Revenge of the Cosmic Ghost Rider: Revengeance: Revelations #1. Both do their jobs well.

[ 1:38:45] Dane and Jake Go to the Movies – We finally get around to reviewing episodes 1-4 of the fan-made series, Punisher: Uprising. It’s made by Forgione Productions and can be watched for free on Youtube. They have a good mix of passion and technical talent so give their stuff a watch.

[2:01:08] Discharge Papers – Jake recommends you check out Jake Oliver, and I tell you about Klaus and 3 Kingdoms, but most badass “historical” drama ever.

Send us your Punisher questions or comments at punisherbodycount@gmail.com or call in at (347) 878-6474.

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A guy who loves comics.
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