Punisher: Body Count Episode 127

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Ho ho ho it’s Punisher time.

Introduction – Jake is an award-winning Malifaux painter and I didn’t win much at all during my Las Vegas poker convention! I met a “neat” celebrity and had a minor breakdown afterwards, so that was cool.

[29:35] News – We discuss Punisher super-fan Ivo Santos’ appearance in the Punisher: Kill Krew series, rumors of a Punisher show continuation on Hulu, and a gun that’s never going to happen.

[46:25] Mail Call – 4chan scares the hell out of me and Jake and I what makes a Punisher comic “podcast gold.” Don’t forget to send us a voicemail at (347) 878-6474.

[1:02:40] Bullet Points – Good comics this time around:

  • Punisher Kill Krew #4-5: The Pantera concert that is this comes to a somber crescendo. Highly recommended, either in singles or for the trade.
  • Punisher 2099 #1, I really railed on this comic earlier, but Jake had a more even-handed take on it and makes some good points.
  • Savage Avengers #6, Frank and Conan go on a killer road trip.
  • Punisher: Soviet #1, Garth Ennis returns and it’s pretty good, if a bit “made-for-trades.”

[ 2:00:30] Flashbacks – We cover (muh real) Punisher 2099 #22-23, where Jake fights his son inside the internet, and we get introduced to a techno-goth villain that quotes Poe and is definitely not a virgin.

[2:20:30] Discharge Papers – Jake hurts himself with Dragonball GT and bashes one of the greatest animators of all time. I gush about the Mandolorian and recommend we return to the ancient ways of media viewing.

Send us your Punisher questions or comments at punisherbodycount@gmail.com

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