Punisher: Body Count Episode 126

First off, I apologize for how late this was. The episode was recorded in late October, but I got hit with a lot of serious professional and personal problems that stalled me on getting this out. I’m grateful for our wonderful audience and my co-host Jake’s patience with me as I worked through those issues (I’m fine now, don’t worry). We still plan to release a November episode this month, so keep an eye out for that. 

Introduction – Jake talks about Florida Woman and being the lord of manga and I talk about how my degenerate gambling has finally paid off.

[28:30] News – Punisher superfan Ivo Santos is going to be in a comic, and a new Punisher fan film is out! We also get some cool side stories on an ultimate haggler and the Punisher gun funded by the military.

[58:45] Mail Call – Blackstone asks us about the podcast’s holiday plans.

[1:05:00] Bullet Points – Good comics this time around:

  • Punisher Kill Krew #1-3, Gather the war goats and put on some Skynyrd, because we’re killin’ giants.
  • Punisher #15, for better or worse, it’s over.
  • Savage Avengers #5, Jake and I try to understand the brain biology of a Cthulhu creature.

[ 2:12:55 Flashbacks – We wrap up Paul Scheer’s Cosmic Ghost Rider Destroys Marvel History #5-6 and then have a brief talk about Frank being an imaginary war veteran in History of the Marvel Universe #2.

[3:07:35] Discharge Papers – We finally settle the Joker bet and Jake talks about the genius of Panty and Stocking plus other good animes.

Send us your Punisher questions or comments at punisherbodycount@gmail.com

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