Punisher: Body Count Episode 121

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Caveman Ugg love tangents almost as much as he love destabilizing countries.

Introduction – Jake learns a bit about his genetic history and I talk about being a big star and running the table on my company’s weight loss challenge.

[37:00] News – We cover the new Punisher War of the Realms tie-ins and get mad at Bleeding Cool again.

[52:35] Mail Call – We get excited for a new summer event and get a cool update on one of our listeners!

[58:35] Bullet Points – We try to decode the backstories to more characters in Guardians of the Galaxy #3. We also cover Punisher #9-10, where Baron Zemo just can’t catch a break.

[1:37:55] Flashbacks – Jake Gallows gets some women problems in in Punisher 2099 #20-21! God I missed this series.

[2:14:12] Discharge Papers– Jake has gotten into Necromunda and has some baller figurines to show for it. I recommend Tokyo Dark and the movie Shazam.

Send us your Punisher questions or comments at punisherbodycount@gmail.com

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