Punisher: Body Count Episode 118

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Welcome to the new year! In this episode, Jake and I discuss some of the drama around Punisher season 2, ruin our relationship with our Australian listeners, and shill for boner pill company.

Introduction – Jake and I catch up on our holiday breaks. Speaking about breaks, that’s what different parts of Jake’s body is doing. I win the lottery and my sister decides to get revenge on me.

Here is my cousin’s podcast that I mentioned and here is my recent appearance on Signal of Doom! I got to discuss half of season 2 with David, as well as get into Ennis’s Slavers arc.

[14:52] News – We talk about the new Guardians of the Galaxy company and the early reviews for Punisher season 2.

Here is that article about Jigsaw that I was talking about.

[28:45] Mail Call –  We get some great questions on the Punisher TV show and getting Punisher tattoos.

[57:07] Bullet Points –  We catch up with Punisher #5-6. The story is a roller coaster, and so is the art!

[1:33:45] Flashbacks – We go down under (it’s an Australia reference, you see) with Mike Baron’s Punisher vol. 2 #19 and then book a flight to Vegas with Punisher #20.

[2:03:58] Discharge Papers – Jake bonds with his daughter over Dragon Ball and I apparently spoil Megalo Boxing for him.

Send us your Punisher questions or comments at punisherbodycount@gmail.com

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