Punisher: Body Count Episode 116

PBC 116 banner

Today is my birthday, and I’m celebrating it by finally getting this cursed episode out of my life.

Introduction – Jake and his office goes all out for Halloween, and I edge ever closer to hipsterdom with my new hobby. Halloween hijinks ensue with my family as well.

[21:30] News – Jake and I are now NPR thought leaders! We also clarify the Rosenberg signed comic contest winner, and then we talk about the Netflix Marvel cancellations. We also explain what’s coming up in the remainder of our year’s podcasting schedule.

[41:55] Mail Call – We get FrankenCastle questions and some fun crossover fight questions.

[1:03:17] Bullet Points – Cosmic Ghost Rider #4 continues to surprise us with its delightful tonal shifts. We then get caught up on Punisher #2-3, where Frank is just an asshole to everybody and Daredevil settles in to being a tired housewife. We also read What If Spider-Man Became the Punisher? and the answer is that his life turns out pretty great.

[1:35:15] Flashbacks – It finally happened. We covered the first six issues of FrankenCastle. The nightmare is finally over.

[2:00:11] Discharge Papers – We go full weeaboo in this segment. Jake recommends High Rise Invasion and I recommend Goblin Slayer. 

Send us your Punisher questions or comments at punisherbodycount@gmail.com

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