Punisher: Body Count #112

Jake and I go into a lot of tangents in this one. Be ready for that.

Introduction – Jake talks about his summer vacation and ringtone experiments, and I talk about a recent trip to the doctor.

[24:43] News – We learn about a new shooting location for Punisher season 2 and some upcoming What If? comics!

[46:20] Mail Call – We get a great question from Javier about integrating the Marvel movie universe with the Marvel Netflix shows.

[1:03:15] Bullet Points – We cover Cosmic Ghost Rider #1 and Punisher #226-7.

[1:32:50] Flashbacks – In honor of the Cloak and Dagger show, we are covering Spectacular Spider-Man #82, which holds an importance place in Punisher’s publication history.

[1:52:05] Discharge Papers – Jake and I discuss Luke Cage season 2.

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A guy who loves comics.
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