Punisher: Body Count Episode 104

PBC 104 banner

We got opinions on the Punisher Netflix TV show and much more today!

Introduction – Jake introduces us to the Weinstein scale, and I talk about the my guest appearance on Mike’s show, ToonCast!

[19:58] News – Jake and I discuss the Vulture article that we got to contribute to, and we check out the reviews for the Netflix series. We also talk about Mike Baron’s new Kickstarter, Q-Ball!

 [40:47] Mail Call – Today we receive voicemails from listeners and one very famous actor!

[57:50] Bullet Points –  We close out Becky Cloonan’s run with Punisher #17 and then hope into the newly re-numbered Punisher #218, where Not-Bernthal teams up with Not-Samuel L. Jackson to steal the War Machine armor. Finally, The Platoon #2 is so solid that Jake and I have trouble even discussing it.

[1:42:015] Netflix and Kill – The Punisher is a Marine, and Jigsaw is finally good! We discuss these miracles and more as Jake and I go through the first three episodes.

[2:16:55] Discharge Papers – Jake recommends Twilight Imperium and I finally catch up on Highlander. Yeah, the first movie.

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