Punisher: Body Count Episode 103

Who wants to hear some opinions about Vietnam? No, you’re not being force to spend time with your grandpa, it’s Punisher: Body Count!

Introduction – Jake feels troll’s remorse and I tell a tale of rogue-ry and alcohol.

[23:30] News – We discuss the Punisher tv premiere delay and New York Comicon panel change, as well as the Northrup-Grummin fiasco.

 [38:04] Mail Call – We get an email from long-time fan Adam Stines, and I humiliate myself again.

[53:30] Bullet Points –  Things sure… start coming to a close with Becky Cloonan’s Punisher #16. We also cover Edge of the Venomverse – War Stories #1. It’s okay. Finally we get to the return of the messiah: Garth Ennis and Goran Parlov give us The Platoon #1.

[1:57:02] Flashbacks – In honor of The Platoon, we cover the final Punisher: MAX arc by Ennis and Parlov, which is of course Valley Forge, Valley Forge. I really enjoyed the discussion we had here, but we do get rather political, so you’ve been warned.

[2:53:47] Discharge Papers – Jake recommends you catch up on Blade of the Immortal and I talk about Anthony Weiner’s documentary for a bit.

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1 Response to Punisher: Body Count Episode 103

  1. interlocutor17 says:

    Iron Fist was absolutely terrible! The actor sucked. The dialogue
    between him and his girlfriend was so horrible. His ego, pretty much
    everything about him. I’d go as far as saying every time he speaks. It
    felt like a separate writer wrote his lines with the intentions of
    making the viewer hate Iron Fist. I’d say Defenders would have been
    Daredevil quality without Iron Fist. The only positive thing I can say
    about the character is that the actor was athletic enough to perform
    the action scenes (or the stunt man was).

    In general, I hate bringing back characters from the dead, still I
    liked Elektra. She was sexy; had an accent; and is badass. It would
    have been much better if she killed Iron Fist and his girl friend. I
    tried to read Miller’s original Daredevil with Elekra, but couldn’t
    get into it. So I don’t know her from the comics, and maybe the show
    follows her story line?

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