Punisher: Body Count Episode 102

Enjoy the episode banner on our website. It is possibly some of the best photoshop I’ve ever done.

Introduction – We open up the show by talking about our betters, in particular Kelly Kanayama, and her lovely Frank Discussions podcast. Jake then talks about revisiting his childhood by seeing Terminator 2, and then I discuss how I’m getting closer to living out a shitty version of the Crank movies.

[30:51] News – We report on the upcoming renumbered Punisher: War Machine comic, a Punisher fan getting into politics, morse code and social media, and the  Secret Empire Omega comic that will surely explain why Frank became a fascist.

[43:59] Mail Call –  We get some complimentary fan mail and I will the sabotaged guns argument. Hell yeah.

[50:33] Bullet Points –  Becky Cloonan keeps up the one-shot winners with Punisher #15. Also, don’t forget to email us at punisherbodycount@gmail.com with your Barracuda writer suggestions.

[1:12:54] Flashbacks – We treat ourselves to some more bonkers Punisher 2099 with issues #17-19. Jake Gallows makes friends with a robot, gets a female copycat, and says an iconic line.

[1:52:21] Discharge Papers – Jake and I discuss how Defenders was pretty good, and Jake talks about the philosopher/literary analyst Sparky Sweets.

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1 Response to Punisher: Body Count Episode 102

  1. interlocutor17 says:

    Iron Fist was absolutely terrible! The actor sucked. The dialogue
    between him and his girlfriend was so horrible. His ego, pretty much
    everything about him. I’d go as far as saying every time he speaks. It
    felt like a separate writer wrote his lines with the intentions of
    making the viewer hate Iron Fist. I’d say Defenders would have been
    Daredevil quality without Iron Fist. The only positive thing I can say
    about the character is that the actor was athletic enough to perform
    the action scenes (or the stunt man was).

    In general, I hate bringing back characters from the dead, still I
    liked Elektra. She was sexy; had an accent; and is badass. It would
    have been much better if she killed Iron Fist and his girl friend. I
    tried to read Miller’s original Daredevil with Elekra, but couldn’t
    get into it. So I don’t know her from the comics, and maybe the show
    follows her story line?

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