Punisher: Body Count Episode 101


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Man, wasn’t episode 100 good? Consider this the hangover episode, where we try to get by, realizing we will never reach such heights until we get another big name on the show.

Introduction – Jake educates us on safe sex and I nearly die in a Chuck E. Cheese.

News – We predicted Marvel VR, discuss The Platoon, mention Mego figures, and of course dive into Netflix news.

Episode 100 Contest! – The episode 100 contest is still running, and we’ll announce a winner next episode. We want to make sure the show reaches as many people as possible, so each of these acts counts as an entry:

  1. Review us on iTunes
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  3. Share the episode 100 post on Facebook
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The prize is a color copy work-in-progress page from Batman/Punisher: Deadly Knights, the crossover comic done by Chuck Dixon and John Romita Jr.! This was a collaboration work-in-progress page between the colorist, editor, and other artists!

[37:22] Mail Call –  We get voicemails from Big Rab and Blackstone, rant about the cycle of Punisher comics, and bring up possible short film ideas, and more.

[1:06:32] Bullet Points – We wrap up Deadpool Vs. Punisher #5, love the direction of Cloonan’s one shots in Punisher #13-14, and get through Defenders #3 and Secret Empire #7 (Defenders is fine, though).

[2:22:16] Flashbacks – Frank “fights” Doctor Doom in Punisher #28-29!

[2:41:46] Discharge Papers – I talk about Preacher, and Jake talks about Glow and Highlander: The American Dream comic series.

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