Punisher: Body Count Episode 97

PBC 97 banner_cropped.png

Special thanks to Johnny for the fan art! Click here to see the full image.

We can’t stop, we won’t stop. We might get delayed, but stopping? No. Out of the question.

Introduction – Jake and I give an update on the Indiegogo campaign and investigate his wife’s cyber-bullying.

[22:54] News – We learn about a new Punisher/Deadpool mini-series, some Punisher cast news, and a horrible mistake made by Kentucky police.

[39:30] Mail Call – We get some great “accidental revenge” movie recommendations from Arch, and some new questions from new fans!

[1:03:30] Bullet Points We cover Magic Bullets #7-8 and finish off Punisher #9.

[1:43:10] Flashbacks As per an Indiegogo request, we got Punisher: Year One on the docket! As a mini-series, it holds up very well, combining Frank’s story with the greater Marvel universe while keeping it on a very human level.

[2:17:58] Discharge Papers – Jake recommends Rurouni Kenshin and not getting a liberal arts degree. I recommend you give Legion three episodes before deciding if you hate it.

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