Punisher: Body Count Episode 96


Welcome to our show, publicly funded by you! I promise you we will only spend the money on wise investments.

Introduction – Jake classes up the show with some art and I talk about how even while dying I can make things awkward.

[18:50] News – We talk about Jon Bernthal growing a new beard, Tom Jane’s new gig, and upcoming comics like a Deadpool/Punisher team-up and some telling Goran Parlov artwork (Thanks Punisher Harp Zone!).

[29:55] Mail Call – We mull over some casting questions and talk about dealing with liking a character but hating the current direction the character is in.

[47:04] Bullet Points – We cover Punisher #7-8 and Magic Bullets #4-6.

[1:35:54] Interrogation Room – We are honored to have had John Barber, the writer behind Doctor Strange/Punisher: Magic Bullets! He has been an editor for IDW and Marvel, with plenty of great stories to boot! John was a top-notch guest, and we recommend you check out the other equally notch IDW comics he is writing right now:

[2:46:35] Discharge Papers – Jake’s finally seen Rogue One and Stranger Things. I talk about Ben Affleck’s The Accountant and I realize what is my favorite kind of niche genre. Seriously, if you have any recommendations for me in that genre, send us an email. I will watch it.

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A guy who loves comics.
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