Punisher: Body Count Episode 92


What is the haps, my friends. We had a lot of fun with this episode, so I hope you enjoy it.

Introduction – Jacob has found success in overthrowing his HOA and is now a Youtube sensation. Is he getting too big for this show? Haha, no. I recall some great acting anecdotes as well.

[19:43] News – Special guest Emily Williams helps us get our heads around Avengers Academy, and we talk about some new casting for the Punisher Netflix show. We also talk up the Punisher vs. Darkman fan film and the shittiest Punisher costume ever.

[45:18] Mail Call – We get a ton of great voicemails and emails from you guys! Plus, Jake gives what might be the best team-up idea ever. Also, use this link to play the video when we start talking about the new military “Punisher” vehicle to follow along with us!

[1:25:26] Bullet Points – We get as close as we will ever get to Civil War II with Choosing Sides #4 and Kingpin #3. We end the segment with Becky Cloonan’s Punisher #5. We get a little negative on it, but it’s a good series.

[2:08:56] Flashbacks – We finish the Punisher Eurohit story line with issues #67-70. Such a fun arc by Abnett and Lanning! We highly recommend it. 

[2:35:33] Discharge Papers – Jake talks up Magnificent 7 and I talk down on Blair Witch. I also give initial thoughts on Luke Cage, but will get in-depth next episode.

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