Punisher: Body Count Episode 89


Yeah, son (and/or daughter). It is time for insane Punisher stories, honey pots, and dick jokes.

Introduction – Jake talks about his game testing duties and how he’s getting his daughter into STEM. I talk about my acting career and my battles in the gas wars.

[23:51] News – Jake and I discuss the newly announced Punisher TV show’s release date and the growing meme of the Punisher identity.

[36:20] Mail Call – We get a great voice mail from Blackstone and some helpful emails from our listeners.

[54:19] Bullet Points – We cover Frank’s adventures in upstate New York and Vermont in Punisher #2 and wrap up the emotionally dead-inside series Seventh Circle.

[1:23:14] Flashbacks –  Jake and I enjoy the hell out of an unpublished Punisher 2099 story done by Chuck Dixon! He released it on his blog and you can Read Part 1 here!  Read Part 2 here!

[1:58:29] Discharge Papers – Jake discusses the shows Love, Narcos, and the Studio Ghibli movie The Wind Rises. I love Lady Dynamite and hate the AMC show Preacher.

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