Punisher: Body Count Episode 86

PBC Banner 86

Now that we’ve all probably binged watched Daredevil, let’s collect ourselves with calm and cool discussions on how baller Frank Castle was when he killed like three gangs in five minutes.

Introduction – Jake shares his newest creations in the world of brisket-making and I go to the wrong guy’s birthday party.

[24:15] News – Not a ton of news for this episode, but check out this article on Frank Castle’s relationship and meaning to both readers and US armed forces.

[30:37] Mail Call – We answer your questions about Frank’s politics and girls who get all touchy-feely around inanimate objects.

[48:18] Netflix and Kill – Jake and I discuss the first three episodes to Daredevil season 2.

[1:25:38] Bullet Points – Jake and I cover Daredevil/Punisher: Seventh Circle Infinite Comic #1. It’s okay.

[1:39:27] Flashbacks – We discuss the first three issues of David Lapham’s Daredevil vs Punisher: Means and Ends.

[2:05:07] Discharge Papers – Jake brings up the 1993 classic Firepower and I invite you to get confused by watching Primer.

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