Punisher: Body Count Episode 84

PBC Banner 84

Introduction – Jake and I talk Christmas plans and take part in our live gift-opening tradition! Don’t miss it!

[26:40] News – We speculate on Alex Alonso’s comments about the Punisher and WeirdWorld, and then we get weirded out about Frank Miller’s comments about Elektra being in Daredevil season 2

[31:49] Mail Call – We get some Christmas well-wishes from Blackstone, and answer some questions about the Punisher’s view on gun control,

[51:01] Bullet Points Ultimate End #5 wraps up and Jacob and I are okay with that.

[1:07:50] Side Ops – Today we get hyped for a new segment. I’m going to keep this one under wraps to keep it a surprise! But visit this link later, ok?

[1:36:30] Dane And Jake Go to the Movies – Jake and I get salty about Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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