Punisher: Body Count Episode 83

PBC Banner 83Jake and I have slept off the Thanksgiving Turkey and are ready to transition
into a Christmas drunken haze with quality Punisher news and comics!

Introduction – Jake and I catch up on each other’s Thanksgiving, and I recommend you read Richard Embree’s The Keeper. I’m the editor on it, and you can read the prologue to it for free right now!

[17:03] News – We tell you what we know about the barely released Daredevil season 2 teaser trailer, cover Sherry’s amazing Punisher Harp Zone collection, and reveal new developments for Lexi Alexeander, former Punisher: War Zone director.

[28:30] Mail Call – We answer questions of comedy, gender, and race in regards to the Punisher, and Jake gets some fan mail.

[55:36] X-Mas… Points? – Since there are no current Punisher comics out, Jake and I read the 2005 Red X-Mas #1, by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray. Here is the bathroom scene panel we talk about because I’m not making it into the banner art.

[1:21:20] Flashbacks – For my early Christmas present, Jake and I talk about what the shock is with Punisher 2099 #10-12, which includes the premiere of Jigsaw 2099! We swear it’s still good.

[1:51:57] Discharge Papers – Jake and I get belligerent about Jessica Jones and other fun shows you can watch on Netflix.

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