Punisher: Body Count Episode 81

pbc logo 81

Note: We mention Chuck Dixon as an upcoming guest, but that has been put on indefinite hiatus. We will continue to work on bringing in new guests, and thank you for your patience.

Introduction – I talk about my time as a vape model, and Jake explains how Homecoming is the bane of his existence.

[15:10] News – We discuss new Bernthal photos that have been released, the fact that there are no Punisher comics out, and former Punisher writer Valerie D’Orazio breaking off with Marvel.

[25:29] Mail Call – Jake and I discuss how swole the Punisher should be and consider a fan’s move premise.

[45:38] Bullet Points – We cover all the non-movie media appearances of the Punisher, with Jake and I focusing on Spider-Man: The Animated Series and briefly discuss Super Hero Squad.

[1:28:18] Flashbacks – We discuss the prestige-format story The Prize. It’s a great story by CJ Henderson and Mike Harris.

[1:45:56] Discharge Papers – Jake recommends… I won’t spoil it. I recommend Robin & Batgirl: Year One, I confirm that The Inbetweeners is a good show on Netflix, and I tell the world they need to listen to the podcast called Detective, a show where a real retired homicide detective tells you what the job is really like.

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A guy who loves comics.
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