Punisher: Body Count Episode 80

We got it in before August was out. Sometimes, that’s all you can ask. For more info on the “missing” banner, go on down to Bullet Points.

Introduction – Jake and I catch up on our important lives, and I talk about some great emails that have taken place.

[14:42] News – We discuss Jon Bernthal’s released Punisher on-set pics and the oncoming Punisher drought.

[23:30] Mail Call – We handle some voicemail and hypothetical questions about Frank going to another publisher.

[41:22] Bullet Points – We cover Punisher #20, which goes out with white light instead of a bang. Secret Wars Journal #4 has Egyptian Punisher hang out with Age of Apocalypse Iron Fist and it’s okay. In Ultimate End #4, Jacob decides to help out with art duties with the banner art. For maximum “enjoyment,” don’t click this link until we talk about it. And then we talk about the Fantastic Four movie.

[1:26:24] Flashbacks – We read A Man named Frank, Chuck Dixon’s amazingly historically accurate western.

[1:26:25] Discharge Papers – Jake recommends you go see Ant-Man if you haven’t seen it, as well as Inbetweeners, Corto Maltese, and Rambo movies. I recommend you watch Bernie on Netflix.

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