Punisher: Body Count Episode 78

PBC 78 banner

Welcome back. Are you enjoying your summer?

Introduction – Jake talks about his recent handyman accomplishment and I bring up two stories that explain what I’ve been doing with my life recently.

[26:55] News – Jake and I talk about Lexi Alexander’s new director gig and list out all the current Punisher appearances in Marvel’s Secret Wars event. We also discuss a new contest and us sponsoring a warrior. There is also something about the Punishing appearing on Daredevil next year but whatever I’m sure it’s fake.

Contest – For this contest, we are giving away a free Tom Jane Punisher piece of artwork done in water colors by Star Wars artist Tod Allen Smith! All you need to do is either comment about us on our iTunes page or talk us up on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtags #PBC or #Punisherbodycount. Add a #Punisher hashtag too if you can, as this helps your message spread to other Punisher fans! I will check these for these hashtags every day to keep track of who has entered. In the sake of fairness and to prevent spamming, there is one entry per person. The contest ends July 1st, and the winner will be announced in the first episode in July.

[43:52] Mail Call – In this segment, we will discuss the trials and tribulations of Detective Soap and why Frank continues to be the Punisher

[1:05:40] Bullet Points – We chew the fat on Secret Wars #1, Ultimate End #1, and Battleworlds #1. Our favorite one may surprise you!

[1:39:47] Flashbacks – Today we review an often ignored Punisher run: John Ostrander’s Punisher, published under the brief Marvel Edge line of comics. We cover the first four issues here, where Frank Castle has his prison execution faked so he can take over a mafia organization on the request of the dying don. It’s a run I’ve changed my mind on over the years, and we’re interested to hear your take on it as well in the comments or on Facebook.

[2:20:50] Discharge Papers – Jake recommends Scrotal Recall, and talk about my experience with the classic noir story, The Maltese Falcon.

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