Punisher: Body Count Episode 77

e 77 promo art
No time to waste, let’s get right to the Steven DeKnight interview!

Introduction – Jake talks being a temporary hobo and I announce my first con appearance! I’m doing the 8pm Friday panel with my friends from Gearbox Union.

[19:50] Dane and Jake Go to the Movies – Jake and I reveal our thoughts on Netflix’s Daredevil and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

[1:00:23] News – We discuss Tom Hardy’s ambitions to become the Punisher and Gerry Conway’s comments on how people interpret the Punisher.

[1:24:16] Mail Call – We answer some Edmondson run questions, speculate on an animated Punisher feature, and talk about the Punisher’s Catholic background. [25:46]

[1:38:01] Bullet Points – We run through Spider-Gwen #4 and then get perplexed as hell with Punisher #18 .

[2:00:03] Flashbacks – In honor of the Netflix show, we cover the first meetup between Daredevil and Punisher in Daredevil #183 -184. It’s a semi-forgotten story amidst the Elektra story done under Frank Miller’s tenure with the character, but still a fun story.

[2:44:14] Discharge Papers – Jake recommends the Office Space on an Island comedy Welcome to the Jungle starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and I recommend the biopic Bronson, both movies now available on Netflix.

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2 Responses to Punisher: Body Count Episode 77

  1. Drew says:

    Where’s the interview?

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