Punisher: Body Count Episode 76


Spring is now truly here! Strap on your khaki shorts and strap in to a new episode of Punisher: Body Count.

Introduction – Jake talks about how Five Nights at Freddy’s scarred his daughter, and I talk about my NYC trip and how this show helped me a new job.

[18:27] News – Arch Stanton has created a new post on Frank’s Salad Days that shows the multiple creative link between Boba Fett and the Punisher character through in-depth research, comparisons, and interviews. It’s awesome work and you should definitely check it out. We also discuss Daredevil showrunner’s Steven DeKnight’s wishes to create a Punisher show.

[25:46] Mail Call – We get a voicemail from Blackstone and talk about the pain dreams can give you, and then we tackle ebonics.

[45:51] Bullet Points – We trudge along the road Punisher #17 has laid for us and then briefly cover  Spider-Gwen #3 .

[1:10:26] Flashbacks – We celebrate the Reavers story in Punisher v2 #33-34. It’s amazing and I’ll knife-fight anyone who disagrees.

[1:41:12] Discharge Papers – Jake recommends Garfunkel and Oats on Netflix and I talk up PBC listener David Brown’s TPB Obscura, now on Kickstarter. You should also consider reading Bucko. Finally, Jake and I give our impressions on the Daredevil TV series.

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A guy who loves comics.
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