Punisher: Body Count Episode 75


They said even God himself would not know what to do with over 75 episodes on the Punisher, but we did it, so consequences be darned. To celebrate, Arch Stanton is back on as guest co-host, which brings up the average IQ of the show far more than we’d like to admit. Also, this is a long episode! To those that appreciate that, you’re welcome. To those that don’t like that, please check the time markers below.

Introduction – Arch has a special announcement regarding his family, and I talk about my recent participation in Dagohir, which is a form of LARPing without all the roleplaying.

[18:16] News – I give a correction on Chuck Dixon’s tenure as a Punisher, and we have some cool news regarding Garth Ennis. In short, he knows who we are and the Punisher prequel series with Parlov’s art is coming out soon. It is called The Platoon. We also “welcome back” Frankencastle with the new Secret Wars event Marvel is announcing for this summer. The fun starts in Battleworld #1. We also announce our Thunderbolts contest winner this episode!

And if you’re not tired of it already, we talk about that Joker/Batgirl cover too.

[57:09] Mail Call – We answer voice mails on Shotgun, talk about our creative dreams, and talk about Frank’s family again.

[1:32:20] Bullet Points – We discuss the new-fangled Spider-Gwen #1-2 with its hip lingo and memes and then shrug apathetically at Punisher #16.

[2:20:40] Flashbacks – We discuss Garth Ennis’s “Confederacy of Dunces,” the last Punisher Marvel Knights story, which covers issues #33-37.

[2:50:10] Discharge Papers – I recommend the comic series Crossed 100 by Alan Moore, the book Essentialism by David McKeown, and Arch shows us a mind-blowing link he found between the Punisher, Star Wars, and Jake and I’s side-obsessions. It must be heard to be believed. Jake recommends Xia: Legends of a Drift System, an open-ended sci-fi board game.

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