Punisher: Body Count Episode 74

Don’t worry about those first five seconds. I love this show, I was just being a grump.

Introduction – Hello friend, have you heard of our show Dane and Jake Get Classy? We are still making episodes and you should check it out. Also we get medical update from one of the co-hosts.

[12:40] News – We bust out some upcoming appearances and Punisher homage covers for upcoming Marvel comics, and we touch on the reboots Marvel is doing these days and how they could affect the Punisher. We also talk about the awesome modeling artwork some of our listeners have done, and also watch the Daredevil trailer.

[43:47] Mail Call – We answer questions on Microchip, being captured, and get a Netflix recommendation.

[59:04] Bullet Points – Punisher has a special guest appearance in Wolverines #3, and an unwelcome appearance by the series that-shall-not-be-named. Punisher #15

[1:31:00] Flashbacks – We wrap up the Carlos Cruz saga with the final parts of the “Countdown” arc, which includes Punisher: War Journal 79, Punisher: War Zone 41, Punisher #104, and Punisher War Journal #80. There is a lot of history that was going on behind the scenes with this comic, and that led to some tumultous times for the character. We get into how the end of the Carlos Cruz saga was a spiritual end to the 90s era of Punisher.

[2:25:39] Discharge Papers – Jake tries not to spoil season 3 of Video Game High School and I get back in the action movie saddle with The Equalizer and John Wick.

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1 Response to Punisher: Body Count Episode 74

  1. Richard Benson says:

    There’s a Jean-Claude Van Damme dead ringer on page 10 of PWJ #80.

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