Punisher: Body Count Episode 72


Let us come together to appreciate the finest literature mankind has to offer: Punisher fan fiction. Not only do we pick a top-notch selection of sent-in fan fics to discuss, and one of them was turned into a radio play! We’re really excited about this episode.

Introduction – Jake and I discuss our holiday plans.

[23:08] Mail Call – We answer some mail from newpunisherfan1,

[34:30] Gift Exchange – Jake and I continue our annual tradition of exchanging gifts.

[44:15] GCRN Segment – Jake and I discuss the best and the worst the Punisher franchise had to offer for 2014.

[54:57] Punisher Fan Fiction Holiday Extravaganza – For this episode, Jake and I are celebrating the world of Punisher fan fiction. Here is the selection for today:

  1. “Special Delivery” by Blakkstone.
  2. “Killer’s Crossing” by Blakkstone.
  3. “Victims” by Blakkstone.
  4. “Punisher vs Predator: Blood Summer” by enRAGEd.
  5. “The Punisher: Fatal Blow” by Jacob S.
  6. “Untitled” by Jacob Campbell.

[2:04:55] P:BC Radio Play – We are proud to announce”Punisher: War Chronicles,” which was originally created by Jesse Ronald, aka Poseidon Productions, as our first radio play adaptation! I adapted the first chapter of Jesse’s story into the script, and Jake produced, narrated, and edited it. Special thanks to friends Emily Williams, Tony Fielding, and Blakstone for voice acting help.

[2:25:00] Discharge Papers – Jake announces a proud moment of being a father. That’s right, he’s introduced his daughter to Cowboy Bebop! Also, I recommend the documentary I am Santa Claus, produced by Mick Foley. Post-credits, we have the story “Hunters and Killers” read by Arch Stanton.

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