Punisher: Body Count Episode 71


It’s Christmas, but who cares! We must hurry if we’re to catch the Punisher hype train!

Introduction – Jake talks about his birthday celebration, and I talk about my Black Friday ordeal.

[12:16] News – We review a recent Nathan Edmonson interview, and then we have a lengthy discussion over the new Terminator and Star Wars movie trailers.

[39:21] Mail Call – We have a voice mail from Wyatt, talk about Punisher and credible crossovers, and then talk about a kinder, more sociable, Frank.

[50:54] Bullet Points – We talk about Punisher #12 and #13. Get hyped for Frank’s upcoming war against the Dos Soles gang, and then take a stop into Black Ops town. We also talk for a few minutes on the Punisher’s appearance in The Superior Foes of Spider-Man #16 and #17, which is a very fun series that you should get when it comes out in trade paperback.

[1:19:31] Flashbacks – Frank teams up with a Scottish ghost in the 1991 prestige book, Blood on the Moors. Pull up those haggis leftovers and strap in.

[1:49:16] Discharge Papers – Jake and Emily showed their daughter Star Wars and I recommend the video game This War of Mine.

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