Punisher: Body Count Episode 69


Crack open a pumpkin spiced beer and listen while you rake the leaves, friend. It’s time more Punisher: Body Count.

Introduction – Jake and I catch up on board games and tales of darkness at the local Olive Garden.

[13:36] News – We clear up the Punisher #11 variant cover information, reveal Punisher: End of Days, and then go into a small debate about the cosplayers and conventions controversy.

[32:37] Mail Call – Voice mails, punisher writer for the definitive run, how much is Frank’s crusade is helping his emotional state, the age issue, how the tone of Punisher stories have changed over time

[1:10:08] Bullet Points – We discuss the weird dialogue choices made in Thunderbolts #31. Thankfully we have Edmonson and Gerard’s Punisher #11, where many plot threads pay off and the hype train builds steam with an appearance of an old ally!

[1:51:46] Flashbacks – In honor of the greenlit Deadpool movie, we looked back on Deadpool #54 and #55, which was a cross-over story with the Marvel Knights Punisher!

[2:19:00] Discharge Papers – I recommend the Green Arrow series and Jake finally saw Death Wish and rediscovers some Van Damme films.

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