Punisher: Body Count Episode 67


It is the eve of our interview with Steve Grant, so Jake and I whittle away the wait with a brand new episode.

Introduction – Jake talks about a potential new player for his board games and I talk about my new favorite guest appearance on the Hunnic Outcast Podcast, with Jeremy and Wyatt!

News – We talk about new Punisher-style police equipment and some comments Garth Ennis made at a recent convention panel.

Mail Call – We catch up on some listener mail and then re-enact a dramatic moment from the fan page.

Bullet Points – The nightmare continues with the breakup of a relationship no one asked for in Thunderbolts #30. We also wrap up the latest Marvel mega event with the pretty dang good Original Sin #8. Punisher #10 picks up the pace as well and Jake and I get hyped.

Flashbacks – In honor of Steve Grant’s upcoming appearance, we look back on Punisher v2 #80, in which a bank robber has the unfortunate luck of keeping running into Frank.

Discharge Papers – Jake saw Expendables 3 and goes against the tide by liking it. I recommend I Know that Voice, a documentary on the voice actors of today and yesteryear, narrated by John DiMaggio!

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A guy who loves comics.
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