Punisher: Body Count Episode 66


Enjoy Labor Day with some new P:BC! Our first segments were quite lengthy, so check out the time stamps if you want to skip around.

Introduction – Jake and I talk about our time at Gencon and our trip to the shooting range.

[27:05] News  -We talk about the newly announce Mack Bolan movie, and set the record straight on the Punisher TV series news. Also, there was a dumb variant cover Marvel released so we talk about that too.

[54:05] Mail Call – We revisit the “Vietnam problem” and get a voicemail from Blackstone.

[1:12:02] Bullet Points – We go further into the lazy madness that is Thunderbolts #29. Punisher crossed over with Black Widow in Punisher #9, and it was an overall fun ride.  Original Sin #7 is out as well, so we talk about that..

[1:57:50] Flashbacks – By request, we cover the 1991 comics Guardians of the Galaxy #18-20It’s a weird one!

[2:17:55] Discharge Papers – Jake recommends Arnold Schwarzengger’s Sabotage movie, and I talk up new Cinemax series The Knick.

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