Punisher: Body Count Episode 65


Before the heat stroke sets in, let’s enjoy another fun episode of Punisher talk.

Introduction – Jake talks about living like a caveman and eating like a king, and I bring up a tale of trickery from my dad.

News  -Man, so much news. We watch the much-discussed Punisher vs. Red Hood fan film, and also talk about a possible actor pick for future Punisher films/tv shows. We also go in a slightly different direction with the female Thor/Dead Archie announcements. We also announce the winner of the Punisher Bend Em’s figurine.

Mail Call – We discuss how much of a tin-foil theory a fan has about Punisher: Born, and also talk about Frank’s connection/hatred of Magneto.

Bullet Points – We cover the now cancelled Thunderbolts #28 as our rage simmers to embers. We also discuss Original Sin #6.

Flashbacks – We unearth an unpublished Chuck Dixon story called “Sauria,” where Frank plays God mode in The Savage Land.

Discharge Papers – Jake recommends Arnold Schwarzengger’s autobiography Total Recall, and I talk up the suspenseful sci-fi movie Under the Skin.

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