Punisher: Body Count Episode 64

e 64 promo art

So hey how ya doin’?

Introduction – Jake and I recount our summer reunion/vacations, and I talk about a special celebrity I met!

News  -There’s a new contest we’re running! Click here for rules and instructions! Remember, you need to tell us the individual sales for Thunderbolts #27 and Punisher #6. Also, this mayor is crazy! Finally, click here to check out that unreleased Chuck Dixon Punisher story.

Mail Call – We answer questions from newpunisherfan1 and Ivo Santos.

Bullet Points – We cover the Thunderbolts #26, with Ben Acker and Ben Blacker as the new writers! We then go deeper into the conspiracy with Original Sin #4 and 5, and top things out with Punisher #7 and 8.

Flashbacks – Happy belated 4th of July, we’re covering Punisher: War Journal #1 (vol. 2)It’s the one where Frank and Bucky get into a fight over who like Captain America more, and it’s also the one where I go into violent flashbacks about the series..

Discharge Papers – So how about the mysterious Original Writer behind the re-release Miracleman books? We talk about that. Jake recommends you watch BBC’s The Muskateers and I analyze Just a Pilgrim, a lesser known Ennis work, where the writer breaks off from his normal tracks for a bit. I make a mistake and call it an IDW publication, but the book was actually published by Dynamite.

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