Punisher: Body Count Episode 62

e 62 promo art

Introduction – I talk about a King Kong-themed séance I attended and shows off his handy-man side by discussing a new gaming table he’s making from scratch.

News  – The army is creating a new high-tech gun nicknamed “The Punisher!”  Jake and I then play “guess the comics sales” for Thunderbolts and Punisher, and then we go over the specifics of the upcoming Punisher/Black Widow crossover.

Mail Call – We answer your incredibly pessimistic mail!

Bullet Points – We cover Original Sin #1 and Punisher #5. Solid comics, go buy them!

Flashbacks – We cover a smorgasbord of stories in Punisher Annual #3 (vol. 1)There’s kung fu fighting, trips to Hell, and libertarian conspiracy theories. Good times.

Discharge Papers – Jake has some tv recommendations for you and I have some old school monster movies you should check out. I was also a guest on episode 3 of Jeremy Fein’s Hunnic Outcast podcast where we had a hilarious time discussing the original Godzilla movie and comparing it to the American ’98 movie. Friend of the show Wyatt Jones was also there to add to the fun.

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