Punisher: Body Count Episode 56

e 56 promo art

In Soviet Russia, podcast plays you or something. Let’s get this started.

Introduction – Jake and is avoiding his plague-ridden daughter, and I talk about the drugs I bought from the internet.

News – I bring up upcoming releases, Marvel’s new animated film staring Punisher and Black Widow, and our nomination into the Geekcast Radio Awards. Click here to vote for us! We also bring you some Preacher news about it coming to AMC, America’s growing nerd mecca.

Mail Call – Jake and I talk about our creative dream teams, reference covers, HALO jumps, practicing between kills, and language fluency.

Bullet Points – We cover Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #9, where Frank and Daredevil team up with Spider-Man to keep them minions in check. Also Thunderbolts #21 exists, and we gathered some phonecalls that may signal some bad times for the series. And hey, Punisher #1! Our opinion? Edmonson and Gerads have saved comics. You will also hear my plan to get the show onto the letter page.

Flashbacks – We read Chuck Dixon and John Buschema’s Punisher: War Zone #26-30, where Frank messes up and has an adventure in South America. Apologies to our Florida listeners. You know I love you guys.

Discharge Papers – I recommend a bunch of shows I’m watching these days and Jake talks up All-Star Superman and The Hunted starring Christopher Lambert.

If you’d like, hit us up on iTunes or RSS.

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