Punisher: Body Count Episode 53

e 53 promo art

There are 14 days until Christmas. Luckily, being an internet podcasting overlord allows me to ignore that fact and procrastinate another 13 days before I do any gift shopping.

Introduction – Jake and I talk about home ownership, racism, and steaks.

News – Since there’s not much Punisher news, Jake and I just promote ourselves.

Mail Call – We hash out the Punisher’s wardrobe and a possible future for the Punisher MAX line.

Bullet Points – We have the Thunderbolts #18 to talk about. Whatever, man.

Flashbacks – We review Mike Baron’s Punisher v. 2 #15-18, where Frank Castle has an iconic battle of wills against the Kingpin.

Discharge Papers – Jake and I discussed Europa Report, Thor 2, and the current state of anime.

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