Punisher: Body Count Epsode 52

e 52 promo art

In this episode, Jake and I look back on previous “achievements” of the show, as voted by you! And me and Jake. We are egotistical that way.

Introduction – I talk about some positive (and not so positive) birthday experiences and Jake talks about the trials and tribulations of new home ownership.

News – Only a slight bit of news dealing with the Marvel deal with Netflix. There will be some street-level characters showing up in the Netflix line-up in the future; will the Punisher be included? Only time will tell.

Mail Call – We got a bunch of great listener mail this episode, so it’s best you just jump in and enjoy the ride.

Bullet Points – We cover Trial of the Punisher #2, and Thunderbolts #16. Sometimes you just gotta take the good with the bad, I guess.

Flashbacks – No Punisher comics this time around. Just Jake and I reminiscing on the olden days of running gags and bad audio.

Discharge Papers – I finally make good on my promise to read some damn IDW GI Joe comics, and my reaction to them may surprise you. We close out the show with a recommendation to watch the Iceman movie from Redbox.

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