Punisher: Body Count Episode .50 Action Express!

e 50 promo art

Episode 50! Double-sized! This issue changes everything forever! And by that I mean nothing at all. We got a special co-host for this episode, Arch Stanton, the man behind frankssaladdays.com!

Introduction – We catch up with each other as usual, and I talk about my Pittsburgh Comicon experience. And then I keep talking about it.

News – There’s a new Punisher Omnibus coming out next year! Also, there is a new fan film called The Punisher: No Mercy. You should check it out. We also reveal our contest winner!

Mail Call – Listener punisherfan1 nearly stumps us with his questions, but we persevere anyway.

Dane and Jake Go to the Movies – Hey remember that fan film I mentioned? We talk about it here!

Bullet Points – We cover Ultimates #30, Trial of the Punisher #1, and Thunderbolts #15.

Flashbacks – It finally happened. We talked about Archie Meets the Punisher, a misunderstood classic of its time.

Discharge Papers – Jake and Arch try to fill me in on Agents of SHIELD, and we make our recommendations to try to culture. Jake and I end the show with a thanks to you, the listeners.

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2 Responses to Punisher: Body Count Episode .50 Action Express!

  1. Great episode, gents.

    The Archie Betty vs Veronica debate was brillant.

    I liked the SHIELD TV discussion.

    Great co-hosting Arch!

    Dane, thanks for opening up at the end. I say thanks because baring your soul like that mean you trust us. I don’t take that lightly. My belated condoleances about your mother.

  2. Søren Hough says:

    Awesome review of No Mercy, y’all. We interviewed these fine folks over on Movie Fail a few weeks ago (http://moviefail.com/2013/09/10/interview-ambrus-goldfarb-and-baichoo-of-the-punisher-no-mercy/), which may help elucidate why they made the movie in the first place.

    But really, excellent job – constructive criticism at its best!

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