Punisher: Body Count Episode 49

e 49 promo art

We are on the cusp of episode 50. Are you mentally/emotionally ready for such an event? No? Well, use this episode as a warm up.

Introduction – Jake and I get reacquainted with each other, blabbering about birthday pranks and dice. Also Ben Aflleck is Batman and apparently this is a big deal to people.

News – Ennis has announced he will be returning to write more Punisher in 2014! How great is that? So great. Jake and I also tell the rules for a new contest for episode 50 and announce other projects we are working on.

Mail Call – We answer questions related to Ennis’s return and other such things.

Bullet Points – We cover Thunderbolts #14 and Ultimates #29. The is questionable cow anatomy in Thunderbolts, but Ultimates is surprisingly great!

Flashbacks – In honor of Ennis’s return to Punisher, we review the first arc of Punisher MAX: “In The Beginning”!

Discharge Papers – Jake talks about an anime about WWII occult wars that manages to be boring, G.I. Joe: Retaliation being better than the first movie, and the confusion this caused my father. Also, watch Ray Donovan on Showtime. Jon Voight’s paycheck depends on it!

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