Punisher: Body Count Episode 48

e 48 promo art

August is a lean month for Punisher comics, but we make due with bad crooks, freaky stretch guys, and Frank protecting dinos.

Introduction – Jake and I talk about upcoming prospects in our lives, and I talk about the scariest thing I’ve seen in the movies lately. Also, apparently a “Japanese jacuzzi” is a real thing. Thanks, Jake!

News – In news, I remind people that Trial of the Punisher #1 is coming out, and also bring up a youtube video where The Punisher’s mental health is evaluated by respected pyschotherapist Dr. Larry Lewis. Jake also bring up important upcoming events involving the show and our schedules.

Mail Call – We go into a “rapid fire” segment with five questions from newpunisherfan1!

Bullet Points – We cover Superior Foes of Spider-Man #2 and Ultimates #28. Similar problems to last time: Next to no Frank Castle, but they still bring up some good talking points.

Flashbacks – We open up a Punisher classic: Punisher/Wolverine: The African Saga! It’s got Carl Potts being a cryptozoology nerd, Frank taking a vacation, and Wolverine wearing a really dumb animal pelt cape. A delightful read!

Discharge Papers – By listener request, we reviewed Wolverine: In the Flesh, which is a 10/10 comic, one of the best of the year. Buy multiple copies and double-bag them. Just listen to our review first, okay? I then make good on my promise of watching the first episode of the Highlander series. Jake then talks about Blade of the Immortal. AGAIN. Geez, this guy…

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