Punisher: Body Count Episode 47

e 47 promo art

Today we put out a new episode to celebrate Arnold Schwarzenegger’s birthday, who is 66 years young today! Also I just want to put out there that the banner art today was made by Jake. Okay, moving on.

Introduction – I’m taken a bit aback when Jake explains what an EDC bag is and why he has one, but it’s far better than my story, where I talk about how I’m not invited to the grand opening of my new workplace. But hey, that’s fine or whatever. I’ll make my own workplace, with blackjack and Dollar General stores!

News – The Punisher has been announced as a playable character for the Lego Marvel Heroes video game coming out this October. We also talk about the Prime Cuts video that we released two weeks ago.

Mail Call – Does Frank still believe in God, and how does he stay in shape? We answer these pertinent questions today.

Bullet Points – We cover Ulimates #27 and Thunderbolts # 13. They aren’t Frank Castle stories per se, but hey, they each have him in for one panel, so that’s… acceptable. Hopefully the next batch will be better, guys.

Flashbacks – We discuss Punisher War Journal #35 “Motivation”! This one has an Arnold homage character in it, so it was an easy choice.

Dane and Jake Go to The Movies – We watched Raw Deal, a movie where Arnold Schwarzenegger plays an undercover FBI agent who must leave his old life behind to infiltrate the Chicago mob. A subtle, evocative performance reminiscent of Pacino or Daniel Day Lewis. Jake and I do our best to recount the beautiful genius of this movie, but I fear it was too much like staring at an angel, and now we are both blind and stupid forever.

Discharge Papers – I discuss the new Shadowrun Returns game, and Jake comes back at me with him trying out the Savage Worlds tabletop game. We then get into a spiel about the Highlander franchise.

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  1. Sidney says:

    Very energetic article, I liked that bit. Will there be a
    part 2?

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