Punisher: Body Count Episode 46

e 46 promo art

Oh man, it’s a big show, one “pac”ked right up to the “rim.” That’s a little hint for what we discuss in Discharge Papers.

Introduction – Jake talks about a dream date he never asked for, and I bring up overdue books and gettin’ lucky.

News – We announce a new Flashbacks request feature on the site, and re-tell some info on why the “Trial of the Punisher” comic has been delayed for so long.

Mail Call – We answer questions pertaining to the necessity of Frank’s humanity, the possibility of an animated feature, and how, if possible, Frank could ever win the war on crime.

Bullet Points – We cover Fury #13 and Thunderbolts # 12. It’s a yin-yang synthesis of depression and elation!

Flashbacks – In the American tradition of fireworks and fishing, we bring in Punisher #44 “Flag Burner” and Punisher MAX one-shot “Force of Nature.” Ever wanted to know Frank’s opinions on rap? Well strap in!

Discharge Papers – Jake and I remiss on the Lethal Weapon movies, and I talk about why you should watch Pacific Rim and buy digital comics from Image. We also talk about the possibility of a side show. Give us your opinions via email or the fan page!

If you’d like, hit us up on iTunes or RSS.


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