Punisher: Body Count Episode 43

e 43 promo art

Hello and welcome to the summer edition of Punisher: Body Count. Please wear your shades at all times while listening.

Introduction – Jake proves he’s not a 90s kid and I talk about all the cool celebrities I met at my local nerd convention.

News – Just a tidbit about Charles Soule’s plans for the Punisher.

Bullet Points – We cover Thunderbolts # 9, where the Marvel AR is delightful and editorial digs deep for villains.

Flashbacks – Jake and I discussed the Punisher: Back to School Special #2. It’s got roid rage, a GWAR homage, and a hobo army. What more could you ask for!

Discharge Papers – Jake and I get into a row about postmodernism in movies, and then we both discuss Star Trek: Into Darkness and Iron Man 3. We close out with Jake’s review of Hiroaki Samura’s latest manga anthology and my take on Amazon’s new Kindle Worlds program.

If you’d like, hit us up on iTunes or RSS.

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