Punisher: Body Count 41

e 41 promo art

Hi there everyone. Did you enjoy Iron Man 3? I did! Too bad we didn’t review that Iron Man movie for today’s podcast, huh?

Introduction – Jake brings up his upcoming graduation and continuing car woes. I discuss the surreal meeting with a veterinarian and how a local painter painted his house with fire.

News – Jake and I discuss the new writer for the Thunderbolts series and speculate on what Disney will do with the Punisher property now that it’s under their control again. We then explain how you can totally get something and still hate it. Finally, we showcase a radio play done by Arch Stanton, who adapted Blackstone’s fan-story, “Hunters and Killers.”

Bullet Points – We cover Thunderbolts # 8, where we disagree about the AR features and admit the book is getting better. We then peel back Daredevil: End of Days #7. We also discuss Fury MAX #11,where we get close to hitting our limits with the last few pages.

Dane and Jake Go to the Movies – Jake and I watched Iron Man: Rise of the Technovore, where Madhouse clearly decided they don’t care about Marvel properties anymore. At least the Punisher moments were good.

Discharge Papers – I talk about my Free Comic Book Day experience and Jake talks up Blade of the Immortal.

Note: For the end of this episode, friend of the show Wyatt interviews his brother Jake (not the co-host) about his trip to the hospital.

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