Punisher: Body Count 40

e40 art2

After a small hiatus Jake and I are back with a giant-sized episode!  It’s got babies, cars, and a Dollar General joke that goes too far!  Oh and some Punisher news and reviews I guess.

Introduction – I beam with pride over the birth of my new nephew, and then re-tell a hot tip I heard about Dollar General. As the show progresses, I slightly regret this. Jake talks about him fighting back against the snakes on his grassy plains, and more car troubles with his Cougar.

News – Jake and I discuss Daniel Way leaving the Thunderbolts book to work on another project, and we then talk about the free-to-play Marvel Heroes game, which features the Punisher character. In fan art, you should check out this great fan film trailer, Punisher: Outbreak and Doncyganos’s music video tribute to the song Uncommon Valor (A Vietnam Story) by Jedi Mind Tricks using panels from Punisher: BORN.

Bullet Points – We cover Thunderbolts # 6 and 7, hailing the new artist Phil Noto and finally understanding Deadpool’s role in the story.  We also discuss Fury MAX #10, where Nick Fury goes to Nicaragua and meets fan-favorite character Barracuda!

Flashbacks – We come back to old chestnut of Punisher 2099, covering issues #4-6, where we delve back into the insanity of Jake Gallows’s world and Jake himself.

Discharge Papers – I continue on my quest to watch movies I should have watched years ago by reporting on Alien and Aliens, both which hold up really well and also show how far Hollywood has fallen in female action heroes. Jake lauds the Are You Faster than a Redneck show on the SPEED network and the Harvey Milk bio-pic Milk. He also thanks super-fan Neil for the 2000 A.D. comics and gives his opinion on them.

Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com for the epilogue music.

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