Punisher: Body Count 39

e 39 promo art

Jake and I are back from out “double-shipping” with a new episode! Listen in and stay a while.

Introduction – I go into the most disturbing calls I’ve ever received from the doctor’s office, and this leads to a discussion on staying healthy and working on cars from Jake.

News – Everyone should check out this Batman vs. Punisher animated short by kazemanimate!  We also report on the trouble Punisher co-creator Gerry Conway has been having with DC comics.

Bullet Points – We cover Thunderbolts # 5 and the final issue to Rucka’s Punisher: War Zone. More secrets are revealed, and yet we still don’t care. Also, Captain America may be the true villain in War Zone.

Flashbacks – We discuss the Classic Punisher trade paperback, which covers some of Frank’s first solo adventures.  It’s pulpy fun!

Discharge Papers – Jake is excited about Dark Horse importing more of Hiroaki Samura’s work, such as Emerald, and I tell him what I thought about the cult classic Big Trouble in Little China. Then we try to convince each other that we are cultured people.

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